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Special contributions

Special thanks to  Downing College and the Web designer  Mark Dodwell, for several design elements used in our websites, as well as for the general look and feel of our Development Website.

Special thanks to the photographer  Philip Moore for the stunning header photos of our Development Website, as well as for many other photos.

We also wish to credit several other photographers who have contributed to the different Clare Hall websites. Please visit our Photo Credits page.

Design and technical advisors:
Rob De Vries, Jonathan C. Dietrich, Mark Dodwell, Marc Duplain, Philippe Moreau, Ingmar Schlecht, Thorsten Kahler, Troels Kjr Rasmussen, Janno Schouwenburg, Matt Webb.

Design: 40th Anniversary logo by Jean Damecour, with Cambridge University Press.

Editorship assistance: Prof. Robert Good.

The Clare Hall website relies on open source software:
Typo3 content managament system
MySQL database
Apache server
GNU-Linux operating system.

It is hosted, together with over two hundred societies in the University of Cambridge, on a server managed by the Student Run Computing Facility (SRCF). The University Computing Service has been helpful in many ways. Special thanks to Helen Sargan and Roger Stratford for their cheerful and expert advice.


Web Managing Editor:
Dr Denis Bilodeau*
Student Web Managing Editor:
Mr Luca Marchi*

Dr Robert Ackerman
Mrs Katy Astley (Development Director)*
Mrs Amanda Barclay*
Dr Iain Black (Senior Tutor)*
Mrs Irene Hills*
Mr Bernhard Lechtenberg
Ms Marie Lemaire**
Dr Lachlan Moyle
Mr Paul Mulvaney
Mr Adrian Powell-Owens*
Dr Jenny M. Rampling***
Mrs Ruby Reid Thompson

*     Member of the Web Committee
**   Secretary of the Web Committee
*** Chair of the Web Committee

Updated  Oct.15.2012