Spanish Celebrations

Spanish Celebrations: 6 - 11 June 2006

6 - 17 June

Exhibition : "Lights and Shades"

Artist: Luisa Enciso

June 7 - Wednesday

Formal Dinner - Spanish Cuisine

An opportunity for you and friends to indulge in the flavours of Spanish food.

Place: Clare Hall Dining Hall
Time: 7.30pm for 8.00pm
Booking as usual
                                                     (Tel. 01223 332367)

8 June - Thursday

Velazquez: Seville to Madrid
on the 350th Anniversary of "Las Meninas"

Speaker: Gail Turner

Place: Richard Eden Room, West Court
Time: 5.30pm



* * *

Evening Lecture: Touching the Core: Lorca, Art, and Emotions

Speaker:  Alison Sinclair

Place: Clare Hall Meeting Room, Time:8.15pm

Profressor Sinclair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese specialises in nineteenth and early twentieth century peninsular literature, culture and history. She is a Fellow at Clare Collge.


9 June - Friday

Science in Spain. A prospective from a Cambridge PhD
Speaker: Pedro Etxenike 

Place: Richard Eden Room
Time: 6.00pm

As a Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Basque Country, his career has led him to international distinction obtaining the Max Planck and the Principe de Aturias Awards. 

Reception: Hosted by the Spanish Embassy


10 June - Saturday

Piano Concert
Pianist: Samira Tabraue

Place: Clare Hall Dining Hall
Time: 6.00pm

Tastes of Spain   
Cheese, Ham and Wine   


Manzanilla (Sherry wine), Cheeses from different regions and Serrano Ham on the bone.  Enjoy!


11 June - Sunday

Divertimento: Flamenco Guitar
Guitarist: Philip John Lee

Place: President's Lodge
Time: 6.00pm
Please sign up for this event - limited space!


* * *

The Spirit of the Beehive

Place: ALB
Time: 8.00PM










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