The College is a highly integrated academic society with a President, Fellows, graduate students and other members who are outlined below. About 300 members are currently in Cambridge creating a professionally and culturally diverse environment. In all classes the same high standards for election are applied equally to men and women and, within this rule, the aim is to have a reasonable balance between the sexes. Life Members in Residence include former Visiting Fellows and Associates, and former graduate students of a certain academic standing.


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Saturday 31 January, 7.30 pm
Intimate Engagements

New Zealand Chamber Soloists

Tuesday 3 February, 7.45pm
Clare Hall Colloquium
Bruno Riccò on ‘From Silicon to Graphene and beyond. The hidden engine of change’

Tuesday 10 February, 7.45pm
Clare Hall Colloquium
Michael Loewe on ‘Kaifeng - Life in the capital of China's Song Dynasty ca. 1100 CE’

Saturday 14 February, 7.30pm

A concert of poetry and music by Ivor Gurney with singers Andrew Kennedy, Charbel Mattar and Camilla Seale, with readings and a talk by Kate Kennedy

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