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The Founding of the Boat Club

Clare Hall was founded in 1966 and is one of the University’s few post-graduate colleges. The Clare Hall Boat Club was established in 1995 with one crew and one boat. The Boat Club has grown incredibly over the years, partly due to Clare Hall’s defining unique character as a College with a single inclusive society. We encourage not just post-graduate students, but also post-docs, Fellows, and any member of the College to join the club. In recent years, the crews have experienced a string of remarkable successes and helped nurture the rising stars who go on to join the University rowing teams including Dr Sarah Tasker; Dr Inka Borchers, and Pete Marsland.

Early morning training on the River Cam is aimed at two principal races, Lent Bumps in February and May Bumps in June. Historically, the Clare Hall Boat Club has been quite successful; winning two years of Super Blades (2017 – 2019 seasons) for the Men’s Crew, the Pegasus Cup in the 2018/2019 season, and the award for the most successful crew in the May Bumps. Please see our Past Glories section for more of the Club’s accolades.

Most members of the club have come to us as novices and step into a boat for the first time on the initial induction day. However, they all soon learn that rowing is far more than a sport. Rowing is an escape from the daily pressures of academic life. It's being pushed physically like never before. It's about teamwork and support. It's about camaraderie. It's building trust. But most importantly, rowing is about family and is best summed up by legendary rower and master boat craftsman, George Yeomans Pocock – “Having rowed myself since the tender age of twelve and having been around rowing ever since, I believe I can speak authoritatively on what we may call the unseen values of rowing - the social, moral, and spiritual values of this oldest chronicled sports in the world. No didactic teaching will place these values in a young man’s soul. He has to get them by his own observations and lessons.”


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