Academic English Writing and Communication Skills Support

Programme Content

The prime purpose of the academic English programme at Clare Hall is to promote excellence in the use of the English Language, for both native English-speaking and non-native English-speaking postgraduates, in the Arts, Humanities and Sciences. The programme consists of introductory workshops in the Michaelmas Term and individual support throughout the year, specifically tailored to student needs, covering written and oral communication skills. Style, clarity, coherence, flow, and rhetorical strategies are underlined. The ability to choose the right words and arrange them into flowing prose and persuasive argument is a skill that gives students the edge, especially when it comes to being ranked in course work essays, examinations, and dissertations. Indeed, this is the case with any kind of academic exercise be it a grant proposal or a research paper. Writing is an art, and, like any other discipline, requires considerable effort to achieve effect. However, students are in Cambridge for only a short time (nine months for some MPhils), and thus need to ‘hit the ground running’ with respect to developing their communication skills.

At the beginning of Michaelmas Term, the Tutorial Office ( ) will send out an email advertising the date, time, and venue of the workshops, and how to book places.