Research Fellow

Dr Juan Rodriguez-Molina

Subject: Biochemistry and Structural Biology

Institution: MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology


From October 2019

Dr Christopher Jenkins

Subject: Law

Department/institution: Faculty of Law 

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Research Interests:

Dr Bipasha Chakraborty

Subject: Physics

Department/institution: Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics 

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Dr Juan Manuel Bermúdez-García

Subject: Material Sciences

Department/institution: Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

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Juan Manuel Bermúdez-García is a PhD in Environmental and Fundamental Chemistry by the University of A Coruña (Spain). His research is focused on the design and study of multifunctional hybrid organic-inorganic materials that can provide innovative solutions to the current environmental challenges.

Dr Boyang Shen

Subject: Engineering

Department/institution: Department of Engineering

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Dr Adrian Mihai

Subject: Philosophy

Department/institution: Faculty of Divinity

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Research Interests

Dr Berta Verd

Subject: Biology

From October 2018 - September 2021

Dr Li Su

Subject: Psychiatry

Department/institution: Department of Psychiatry

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Ems Lord

Subject: Mathematics

Department/institution: Director of NRICH, President-Elect of Mathematical Association 2019-20

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Dr Nicole Cuunjieng Aboitiz

Subject: Intellectual and transnational history of Southeast Asia

Department/institution: Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University

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