ANUK Accreditation Network

Clare Hall is accredited to ANUK and abides by ANUK's published standards for the management of student accommodation. ANUK periodically review and update its scheme, and the College will ‘in principle’ amend its procedures to conform. More information relating to ANUK and its Landlords Accreditation Scheme can be found here.

ANUK has overall responsibility for administering the accreditation scheme. This includes: maintaining a list of all institutions signed up to the Code, and all buildings within those institutions covered by the Code; liaising with other bodies over areas where the Code is only applicable in parts; and periodically reviewing the scheme.

In registering with the ANUK accreditation scheme, the College undertakes that:

  • All the accommodation registered with ANUK meets the standards and accords with the procedures set out by ANUK.
  • An appropriate complaints procedure is in place, integrated into normal College practices with a procedure for reporting back to ANUK on any significant complaints relating to the Code.
  • The College's management of its student accommodation in relation to the scheme will be subject to peer review.