Burns Night

Each year Clare Hall organises a celebratory tribute to the life, works and spirit of the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns (1759-1796). Celebrated on, or about, the Bard's birthday, the Burns Night Supper has proved to be a sellout event.

The meal commences with the Selkirk Grace and guests are asked to stand to receive the haggis. A piper then leads the chef, carrying the haggis to the top table, while the guests accompany them with a slow handclap. The chairman or invited guest then recites Burns' famous poem  To A Haggis, with great enthusiasm. When he reaches the line 'an cut you up wi' ready slight', he cuts open the haggis and the guests rise to toast the haggis with a glass of whisky.

Dress code: Black tie/lounge suit/Kilt