Cambridge Trust - Clare Hall Talks

The second edition of the ‘Cambridge Trust - Clare Hall Talks’ will take place on Tuesday, 13 June 2017, in the Doshisha Room, West Court, 5.00pm - 6.30pm.

The event will include presentations by Isabelle Zirden, Carla Pastorino Campos, Surabhi Agrawal and Maayan Menashe. The four speakers and Cambridge Trust students will be joined by Mrs Helen Pennant, Director of Cambridge Trust, in a round-table discussion to conclude the event.  There will be a drinks reception and refreshments. 



Presentation Overview


Isabelle Zirden: ‘Contradictions of the „I“: The critique of capitalism, feminist selfhood and authorship in post 2000
plays by Jelinek and Röggla’

My project engages with contemporary German-language theatre and looks at recent plays and essays of the Austrian authors Elfriede
Jelinek, who won the Nobel Prize in 2004, and  her much younger colleague Kathrin Röggla. I will investigate their conceptualisation of the  political and situate their plays within contemporary discussions on political theatre.










Surabhi Agrawal: ‘making capacitors super using metal-organic frameworks’

There is an ever-growing need for better energy storage systems.
Supercapacitors with high power density could be employed, but these
systems have low energy density. Using metal-organic frameworks with highly ordered porosity, as the electrode material may be the solution.








Maayan Menashe: ‘The Effects of Transnational Private Labour Regulation on the Applied International Norms of Freedom of Association'.


The series is convened by Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes, Fellow and Tutor, Clare Hall.

The next event will take place in Michaelmas Term 2017 - date and speakers to be confirmed.