Carol Sinclair and Richard Bray

Carol Sinclair and Richard Bray are artists driven by a strong interest in materials.  Sinclair works in a studio set in an acre of water meadow and bordered by the river Granta in Hildersham near Cambridge. Such an environment inevitably influences her work. She is interested in erosion by the elements, both of natural and man-made materials and objects. She gathers materials for her sculpture during walks through the countryside, by the sea and in disused industrial estates. 

Bray, likewise, has been inspired by unexpected finds. He first began working in wood in Tanzania, in forest clearings, often with off-cuts found in a saw-pit and continues to be fascinated by the contrasting relation between the cut and the woods natural surface. Together these two artists are showing work that will renew interest in sensory pleasures.

Photo: Richard Bray, Black Wall Piece I, 2018, Ebonised idigo wood