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Regular art exhibitions have been held at Clare Hall since its very beginning in the late 1960s. In exchange for the free use of the exhibition space, the artist usually donates one of the exhibited works. Together with other donated, purchased or loaned works, the College has in this way built up a sizeable art collection of great interest and diversity.  

Submissions for exhibitions are welcomed and are vetted by the Art Committee. Artists wishing to submit a proposal for an exhibition should contact the Secretary of the Art Committee, Fiona Blake at


Forthcoming Exhibition

Julia Sorrell

Nature and Form

There is a theatrical element to Julia Sorrell’s paintings which may owe something to her father’s work.  Alan Sorrell (1904-1974) drew and painted reconstructions of ancient sites and monuments, and specialised in Roman scenes.  He was correctly attentive to archaeological facts but he also populated these scenes, imaginatively, introducing numerous figures to show what life was like in past times.  Julia Sorrell likewise combines in her art studied observation with imaginative freedom.  She too is fascinated with landscapes that evoke a sense of the deep past.  Yet she also lets in a romantic vein, reminiscent of the Neo-Romantic style that her father coined in the late 1940s, but here given a crisper and more modern look.  At one point she benefitted from an ACE Foundation travel award and took off for Orkney.  She was fascinated by its coastline and prehistoric structures.  Her father had also been to Orkney, having been commissioned to draw the stone-built Neolithic settlement at Skara Brae.  Undaunted by this, she lived in a van and a coast-guard survival suit for five weeks and produced a set of fiercely original paintings, full of expressive form and feeling.

The Clare Hall art space is open to the public daily from 9 am to 6 pm.



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