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Regular art exhibitions have been held at Clare Hall since its very beginning in the late 1960s. In exchange for the free use of the exhibition space, the artist usually donates one of the exhibited works. Together with other donated, purchased or loaned works, the college has in this way built up a sizeable art collection of great interest and diversity.  

Submissions for exhibitions are welcomed and are vetted by the Art Committee. Artists wishing to submit a proposal for an exhibition should contact the Secretary of the Art Committee, Susanna Rostas,  by email at


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Metamorphoses and Other Prints

David Brown

Interest in digital art is gathering pace. This is one reason why Clare Hall is proud to present an exhibition of the work of David Brown. As a mathematician, he made his career working in biology and neuroscience, but in 2002 he took himself off to the Cambridge School of Art to study printmaking. Since then he has become incredibly skilful in bringing together mathematical and artistic skills in the making of imagery. Some of his prints take their starting point from his interest in architecture. Others explore the psychology of colour, while a series of prints, inspired by a quotation form Ovid’s Metamorphoses, riff on an Islamic tile pattern, found in the Alhambra, Granada, using a mathematical formulation derived from the tile’s pattern. All are created using a computer, yet the sensitivity and critical alertness associated with the making of art is very much to the fore. These are works of the twenty-first century, using state-of-the-art digital methods and high-quality ink-jet printing.

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