Committees play an important role in life at Clare Hall and encourage students, Fellows and staff members to work together on College issues.

Statutory Committees

Committees established under Ordinances

Committees reporting to the Governing Body direct

Committees reporting to the Governing Body via Council

These Committee’s purpose is to provide a forum for the discussion of (subject of committee) in its widest aspects.

Other Committees

Current Committee Members


Statutory Committees


Oversees the general running of the College.

Finance Committee

Reviews College Finances.

The President, Vice President and Bursar, plus 4 other members of Governing Body (include the Senior Tutor, or a Tutor), GSB President.


Committee established under ordinances

Official Fellowship Committee

Oversees nominations for Official Fellows of the College

The President, Vice-President, 8 Official/ Professorial/Supernumerary Fellows, 2 Research Fellows

Fellowship Committee

Oversee the nominations for Fellows of the College

President, Official, Professorial, Supernumerary and
Research Fellows, elected by the GB annually on the advice of the Fellowship Committee.

Tanner & Ashby Lectureship Committee

The management and organisation of the annual Tanner and Ashby lectures.

President, Vice-President, Bursar and College members elected by the Governing Body.

Committees reporting to the Governing Body direct  

Nominations Committee


College Students Complaints Committee

President, Vice President, Senior Tutor, GSB Representative

Archive Advisory Group

College Secretary, Bursar, Librarian, College Secretary/Records Manager, Archivist, 2 Fellows.

Committees reporting to the Governing Body via Council

The following Committees purpose is to provide a forum for the discussion of (subject of committee) in its widest aspects.

Art Committee

Fellows and GSB representative

Computer Committee
Bursar, Fellows, Senior Tutor, IT Manager, GSB representative

Development Committee
President, Development Director, Vice President, Bursar, Senior Tutor, two Fellows

Environment Committee
Domestic Bursar, Housekeeper, Estates Manager, Head Gardener, Chef Manager (Lexington), Fellows including Research Fellow Representative, GSB Green Officer

Gardens Advisory Group
Four Fellow Representatives, Domestic Bursar, Head Gardener

Health & Safety Committee
Bursar, Domestic Bursar, Fellow Representatives, Housekeeper, Maintenance Supervisor, Head Gardener, Head Porter, Chef Manager, Research Fellow representative, GSB representative

Music Committee
Fellows and GSB representatives.


Social Events Committee
Fellow representatives, Steward, Tutorial Office representative, Chair of Music Committee, Fellow/Student interaction, Pdoc representative, GSB representative

Stewards Committee
Vice President, Domestic Bursar, Bursar, College Secretary, Fellow Representatives, GSB representative.

2016 Anniversary Committee
Fellows Representatives, Development Director, President, Bursar, GSB representative

Other Committees

Buildings and Estates Committee

A sub-committee of the Finance Committee

President, Domestic Bursar, Bursar, Senior Tutor, Estates Manager, Development Director, Fellows Representative, GSB Representative

Publications Committee

To oversee any College publications and branding.

President, Vice President, Fellows Representatives, Bursar, Development Director, College Web Editor, Fellow Web Editor, GSB representative.

Panel for Disciplinary Committee under statute XXVI,III,6

Seven Fellow Representatives