CUDC & Maxer at Clare Hall

The Chinese UK Development Centre (CUDC), the Maxer Education Institute (Maxer) and Clare Hall have joined forces to organise the Cambridge summer and winter programmes. The programmes offer outstanding students the opportunity to broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge and nurture their professional skills in the rich culture of Cambridge and Clare Hall, one of the University's 31 prestigious Colleges.

Students taking part in the programmes will benefit from lectures given by invited academics of the University of Cambridge, along with industry experts. The programmes also include day trips to London and Oxford as well as the opportunities to visit leading research institutions and companies. Students will also be immersed in British and Cambridge cultures through social events and activities, including concerts, afternoon tea at Granchester Orchards, punting, formal hall and golf practice.

Together with CUDC & Maxer, Clare Hall is delighted to welcome overseas students to Cambridge.

For more information, please visit or, or send an email to