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Megan Barker

College positions:
Visiting Fellow
Undergraduate STEM Education
Simon Fraser University
Contact details:

Professor Megan Barker

Megan studies undergraduate science education – looking systematically at how we can best support student learning in biology and beyond.

Her background in Biochemistry and Crystallography, followed by postdoctoral work studying undergraduate teaching and learning, led to her current role as a Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University (near Vancouver, Canada). Her work includes classroom characterisation, teaching assistant professional development, course-based research experiences, and student learning of the language of science. Further, she is substantially involved in collegial support and curriculum development. As academics, we all teach in one way or another, and we all have opinions about teaching; this shared thread connects us, and there are so many ways to be an excellent instructor.

While here at Clare Hall, Professor Barker is hoping to talk with Fellows and students about their experiences in teaching and learning, to develop ideas and enrich our collective practices.

Select publications

  • BioRXiv, preprint: Supporting Student Learning and Experiences in the Lab: (How) Should We Design Their Groups?
  • ABLE, 2022: A low-resource intro-level biology lab CURE for equity, inclusion, and authentic research skill-building.
  • CourseSource, 2020: Teaching students to read, interpret, and write about scientific research: A press release assignment in a large lower-division class.
  • CBE-LSE, 2019: Identifying Troublesome Jargon in Biology: Discrepancies between Student Performance and Perceived Understanding.
  • PLoS ONE, 2019: Small changes, big gains: A curriculum-wide study of teaching practices and student learning in undergraduate biology.
  • Science, 2018: Anatomy of STEM teaching in North American universities.

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