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Luke Bennetts

College positions:
Visiting Fellow
University of Adelaide
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Dr Luke Bennetts

Dr Bennetts is an Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow.

He obtained his PhD from the University of Reading in 2007, followed by four years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Otago, New Zealand, including four months at the Nansen Environment and Remote Sensing Centre, Norway. He joined the School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Adelaide in 2011 as a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics. He was an Australian Research Council Early-career (DECRA) Fellow from 2013–2016 and is currently a Mid-career (Future) Fellow. He has been an Associate Professor since 2020.

Dr Bennetts is the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Australasian wave science community (KOZWaves). He is an organiser of the 2023 Isaac Newton Institute programme on mathematical theory and applications of multiple wave scattering. His research focus is modelling the dynamics of the marginal ice zone, including propagation of storm waves through the sea-ice-covered ocean, wave-induced ice breakup, and the resulting dynamics of the ice cover. He uses theoretical and numerical modelling techniques, combined with laboratory physical modelling and analysis of field observations. He develops models of the nonlinear feedbacks in the region and integrates them into coupled numerical models to better understand the marginal ice zone’s influence on the climate system.

Select publications

  • LG Bennetts, J Liang, JPA Pitt, Modelling ocean wave transfer to Ross Ice Shelf flexure, 2022, Geophysical Research Letters, 49(21), e2022GL100868
  • LG Bennetts, CM Bitz, DL Feltham, AL Kohout, MH Meylan, 2022, Marginal ice zone dynamics: future research perspectives and pathways. Philosophical Transactions Royal Society A, 380, 20210267.
  • A Alberello, LG Bennetts, M Onorato, M Vichi, K MacHutchon, C Eayrs, B Ntamba Ntamba, A Benetazzo, F Bergamasco, F Nelli, R Pattani, H Clarke, I Tersigni, A Toffoli, 2022, Three-dimensional imaging of wave and floes in the marginal ice zone during a cyclone, Nature Communications, 13, 4590,
  • LG Bennetts, MG Meylan, 2021, Complex resonant ice shelf vibrations, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 81(4), 1483–1502,
  • KM Golden, LG Bennetts, E Cherkaev, I Eisenman, DL Feltham, C Horvat, E Hunke, C Jones, DK Perovich, P Ponte-Castaneda, C Strong, D Sulsky, AJ Wells, 2020, Modeling sea ice, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 67(10), 1535–1555
  • A Archer, H Wolgamot, J Orszaghova, LG Bennetts, MA Peter, RV Craster, 2020, Experimental realisation of broadband control of water wave energy amplification in chirped arrays, Physical Review Fluids, 5, 062801(R),
  • LG Bennetts, MA Peter, RV Craster, 2018, Graded resonator arrays for spatial frequency separation and amplification of water waves, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 854, R4, doi:10.1017/jfm.2018.648, arXiv:1806.05404
  • RA Massom, T Scambos, LG Bennetts, P Reid, VA Squire, S Stammerjohn, 2018, Antarctic ice shelf disintegration triggered by sea ice loss and ocean swell, Nature, 558, 383–389,

Select awards

  • Australian Mathematical Society Medal, 2020
  • Australian Research Council Future Fellowship, 2020
  • Humboldt Experienced Researcher Fellowship, 2019
  • Australian Academy of Science Heyde Medal, 2016

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