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Changping Zhang

College positions:
Visiting Fellow
Wuhan University

Professor Changping Zhang

Changping Zhang is a Senior Professor in the Archaeology Department at Wuhan University, China.

Professor Zhang got his bachelor and PhD from Peking University. Before moving to Wuhan University in 2009, he worked in the Hubei Provincial Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Relics for over 20 years. He has been a visiting professor or scholar at the Institute of College de France, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Princeton University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and National Gallery of Art of USA. He has recently been a visiting fellow at the Needham Research Institute.

As an archaeologist, Prof. Zhang has led more than ten research programmes on the civilization of early China, among which his field work at Panlongcheng site, Wuhan, is the most influential one. Dated from 16th to 13th century B.C., this site belonged to one of the most important ancient cities along the Yangtze River, which was set up by the dominant Shang Dynasty in the Yellow River region. Panlongcheng archaeology earned a good reputation, and attracted students and scholars from universities all over the world.

Prof. Zhang’s own research field lies in the studies of China’s early dynasties (from 18th to 3rd century B.C.) with a special interest in Chinese bronzes in the Bronze Age China. Bronzes, as ritual objects representing a statement of power and social status, are one of the most quintessential material cultures of the early dynasties. The related studies are thus of great importance to understanding early China. He published a series of books and over 100 papers on the study of Chinese bronzes and early civilization. During his Fellowship in Clare Hall, his research will focus on the western scholarly investigation of Chinese bronzes in the first half of the 20th century.

Select publications

  • 2021. Wuhan University, etc. (Zhang Changping as Chief Editor) The Excavation and Study of Funerary Pits for Marquis Yi, Science Press, Beijing. ( 武汉大学等:《曾侯乙墓陪葬坑》,科学出版社,2021年)
  • 2020. Zhang Changping, Bronze Study on Classification: Chinese Bronzes in the Collection of Oversea, Science Press, Beijing. ( 《吉金类系——海外及港台地区收藏的中国青铜器研究》,科学出版社,2020年)
  • 2017. Wuhan University, etc. (Zhang Changping as Chief Editor) Paomadi Cemetery in Yicheng, from Eastern Zhou to Han Dynasties, Science Press, Beijing. ( 《湖北宜城跑马堤东周两汉墓地》科学出版社, 2017年)
  • 2016. Zhang Changping,Study on Bronzes of South Region in Shang Dynasty Period Shangwu Press, Beijing. ( 《商周时期南方青铜器研究》,商务印书馆)
  • 2012. Zhang Changping, Bronze and Culture from States—Selected Papers from Zhang Changping, in Series Anthology by 1960s. ( 《方国的青铜与文化—张昌平自选集》(六零学人文集),Shanghai People’s Press, Shanghai. 上海人民出版社,2012年)
  • 2009. Zhang Changping, A Study on Zeng State Bronzes, Cultural Relic Press, Beijing. ( 曾国青铜器研究, 文物出版社, 2009年)
  • 2007. Hubei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology( Zhang Changping as chief Editor), A Catalog on Zeng State Bronzes, Cultural Relic Press, Beijing. ( 《曾国青铜器》, 文物出版社 2007年)
  • 2006. Hubei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology( Zhang Changping as chief Editor), Bamboo Inscription in the Han Tomb in Kongjiapo Cemetery, Suizhou, Cultural Relic Press, Beijing. ( 随州孔家坡汉墓简牍,文物出版社,2006年)

Select awards

  • 2018 Visiting Scholar, the Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies (College de France), France.
  • 2012—2013 Research Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute of Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.
  • 2007—2008. Visiting Professor, the P. Y. and Kinmay W. Tang Center for East Asian Art, Princeton University, Princeton, USA.
  • 2002. Senior Visiting Research Fellow, the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA.

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