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Thajaswini Coimbatore Balasubramanian

College positions:
GSB Vice-President
Clare Hall Graduate Student Body Committee
Thajaswini Coimbatore Balasubramanian is Vice-President of the Graduate Student Body Committee (GSB) 2022/23.

Thajaswini Coimbatore Balasubramanian is a Master of Law (LLM) student with a keen interest in International, Constitutional, Commercial and Taxation Laws. She is an ardent mooter, author and gracious dancer, who finds solace in nature, music, and poetry.

Thajaswini considers this position of responsibility as a great opportunity to contribute to Clare Hall and to ensure that the views of all students from diverse backgrounds, faculties and years of study are represented. Being a vocal supporter and contributor to women’s empowerment, she is here with a vision and a purpose to add value to everyone’s life and to contribute her small part.