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Alfred Hwangbo

College positions:
Visiting Fellow
Architectural History, Architecture
Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Contact details:

Professor Alfred Hwangbo

Alfred Hwangbo is Professor of Architecture at Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SNUST) in Seoul, Korea.

He received a PhD in architecture from the University of Sheffield and, prior to joining SNUST, he worked as Research Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo. He served as Head of Department of Architecture and Dean of the School of Architecture at SNUST. He was previously Bye-Fellow at Robinson College. As an architectural historian, his research interests include cross-cultural impact of modern architecture and architectural historiography.

Professor Hwangbo has long been interested in alternative notions and traditions in architecture (in non-Western contexts) and, he has taught global architecture with emphasis on the impact of modernity on the history of indigenous built environment. In recent years, he has paid more attention to global post-colonial/post-modern advancement in architecture. Heritage management and conservation issues form an important part of his ongoing research. His recent work on demolition and restoration issues can bring unique yet timely opportunities to explore the difficult heritage in contemporary society, especially in countries with colonial experience and prolonged hardship. In the autumn of 2022, he will conduct a research upon Anglican presence in the colonial city of Seoul.

Select publications

  • Hwangbo, A. (2022) Appreciation and Apprehension: Buildings in Seoul. Seoul: Jinu Books Co. (Forthcoming)
  • Hwangbo, A. (2018) The Path to Korean Modernity and Britain’s Role in it. London: The Architectural Review, London, No.1448, pp.60-62 (ISSN: 0003-861x)
  • Hwangbo, A. & M. Jarzombek (2011) Global in a Not-so-Global World. In the Journal of Architectural Education. Vol. 64, No.2, pp. 59-65 (Wiley Journals, USA)
  • Hwangbo, A. (2010) Urban Courtyard House in Korea. A Book Chapter in N. Rabbat (eds.) The Courtyard Houses between Cultural Expression and Universal Appeal. London: Ashgate Publishing Company. pp. 85-100(ISBN:978-0-7546-3843-8)