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Yoshi Kato

College positions:
Visiting Fellow
Religious Studies
Rikkyo University
Contact details:

Dr Yoshi Kato

Dr Yoshi Kato is Associate Professor of Rikkyo University, Tokyo.

Born in Nagoya, Japan, Dr Kato was awarded his doctorate in 2013 from Princeton Theological Seminary for his dissertation on the controversy regarding Spinoza and his radical concept of God in the early modern Dutch Republic. His research interests range from the early modern intellectual history to sociology of religion in the contemporary Japan.

Besides his research, Dr Kato is interested in jazz, cinema, and swimming. He also plays jazz and blues guitar.

Select publications

  • Between Cartesianism and Orthodoxy: God and the Problem of Indifference in Christoph Wittich’s Anti-Spinoza, with Kuni Sakamoto, Intellectual History Review, vol. 32(2). 2022, 239–257
  • Confessional Clamour and Intellectual Indifference: Religion and Philosophy in the Wake of Descartes’s New Method, Church History and Religious Culture, vol. 100(2). 2020, 133–143
  • Foreshadowing Spinoza: Johannes Clauberg on God and Miracles, Church History and Religious Culture, vol. 100(2). 2020, 234–254
  • Petrus van Mastricht and Descartes’s New Philosophy. In Petrus van Mastricht (1630–1706): Text, Context, and Interpretation. Edited by Adriaan C. Neele. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2020, 127–141
  • The Problem of Evil and Spinoza: A Theologico-Political Solution, Journal of Religious Studies, vol. 93(1). 2019, 101¬–124. [Japanese]
  • A Conflict over Descartes’s Philosophy: Johannes Clauberg and Baruch Spinoza, Spinozana, vol. 16. 2018, 93–114. [Japanese]