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Miyako Tatematsu

College positions:
Visiting Fellow
International Law
Kyoritsu Womens University

Professor Miyako Tatematsu

Miyako Tatematsu is a Professor of International Law at the Faculty of International Studies at Kyoritsu Women’s University in Tokyo, Japan.

She also teaches International Human Rights Law at the Law School of Keio University and International Organization Law at Hitotsubashi University. Since 2014, she has served as a refugee counsellor appointed by the Ministry of Justice.

Her work focuses on state border control as affected by both international law and domestic law. Many states now have to tackle the influx of people, and even though domestic laws are in conformity with international standards, but border control in practice is challenging because of the variety of backgrounds of individuals seeking entry.

She graduated from International Christian University and completed her master’s degree in law at Sophia University, where she also completed a doctoral degree. She worked at the Permanent Mission of Japan in Geneva during the 1990s.

At Clare Hall, Miyako will be visited by her husband, Yasuo Yabuguchi, Professor at the Aoyamagakuin Univ, his major is Civil Procedure Law.

Select publications

  • (in Japanese) ”Human beings in traditional international law” International Human Rights Law: Essays in Commenmoration of the 30th Anniversary of the International Human Rights Law Association, Vol.1 History of International Human Rights Law, (Tokyo Shinzan-sha), July 2023
  • ”Cross-border movements of people as a result of the invasion of Ukraine” Tokyo Review of International Law, (Tokyo, Shinzan-sha) Vol.11 March 2023
  • ”Denial of extraterritorial application of the Convention on Immigration Control (denial of visa issuance) M. N. and others v. Belgium, Decision, 5 March 2020, Human rights jurisprudence journal (Tokyo Shinzan-sha) No.4 Jul. 2022 Commentary
  • “The establishment of free zones by treaty and its effectiveness” One-hundred Selections of International Law Cases, 3rd edition (Tokyo: Yūhikaku) [Commentary] 2021
  • “Protecting Human Rights Internationally”, “Goods services and capital beyond national borders”, “Tackling Environmental Problems Globally” chapters in Visual Texts International Law, 3rd edition (Tokyo Yuhikaku), 2022.