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Chris Wensrich

College positions:
Visiting Fellow
Mechanical Engineering
University of Newcastle, Australia
Contact details:

Professor Chris Wensrich

Chris Wensrich is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Newcastle Australia, and the current president of the Australian Neutron Beam Users Group (ANBUG).

Holding undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, and a PhD in the area of continuum modelling and granular mechanics, Chris currently works across several areas in mechanical engineering, applied mechanics, materials science and physics. His particular areas of expertise cover granular mechanics and the modelling of granular materials, and neutron based strain measurement, imaging and tomography

Chris is the leader of the team that recently solved the long-standing problem of three-dimensional triaxial strain reconstruction from Bragg-edge neutron transmission imaging and has pioneered this new experimental technique. He is also a pioneer in the application of neutron scattering techniques to the study of granular systems.

Select publications

  • J. N. Hendriks, A. W. T. Gregg, R. R. Jackson, C. M. Wensrich, A. Wills, A. S. Tremsin, T. Shinohara, V. Luzin,
  • and O. Kirstein. Tomographic reconstruction of triaxial strain fields from Bragg-edge neutron imaging. Phys.
  • Rev. Materials, 3:113803, Nov 2019.
  • C. M. Wensrich, J. Pineda, V. Luzin, L. Suwal, E. H. Kisi, and H. Allameh-Haery. Deformation and fabric in compacted clay soils. Phys. Rev. Applied, 9:054003, May 2018.
  • C. M. Wensrich, E. H. Kisi, V. Luzin, U. Garbe, O. Kirstein, A. L. Smith, and J. F. Zhang. Force chains in monodisperse spherical particle assemblies: Three-dimensional measurements using neutrons. Phys. Rev. E,
  • 90:042203, Oct 2014.
  • C.M. Wensrich and A. Katterfeld. Rolling friction as a technique for modelling particle shape in DEM. Powder Technology, 217:409-417, 2012.
  • C.M. Wensrich. Dissipation, dispersion and shocks in granular media. Powder Technology, 126:1-12, 2002.
  • C.M. Wensrich, E.H. Kisi, V. Luzin, A. Rawson and O. Kirstein. Evolution of a contact force network in a 2D granular assembly: an examination using neutron diffraction. Granular Matter 23:70, 2021.