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Every academic term, the Fellow Web Editor presents in consultation with the Senior Tutor, the Tutors and the Development Office, a detailed report of some of the College's key academic projects drawing on the work of Clare Hall students, Research and Visiting Fellows, and Life Members. Also highlighted are ongoing academic and artistic partnerships and networks.

Professor Alan Short has been awarded the AHRC Antimicrobial Resistance project ExISE, Excising Infection in Surgical Environments 2017-19 and The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Carter Bronze Medal 2016 (best paper 2016).

Read Professor Short's full profile here.

Cambridge Trust Students at Clare Hall

We launch this section of our website with a group profile of over 30 Cambridge Trust students in residence at Clare Hall – a community of scholars representing a rich and rewarding network of research subjects and disciplines. 

Short history of the Trust 

The Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust www.cambridgetrust.org was set up over 30 years ago to provide financial support to international students so that they could benefit from the outstanding educational and research opportunities offered at the University of Cambridge.

The Trust is today the principal channel for funding at the University and offers scholarships for PhD, Masters and undergraduate study to students from all over the world, irrespective of their social and economic backgrounds. 

Each year, the Trust welcomes around 500 new students and at any one time there are in the region of 1200 students at Cambridge studying with the support of a Cambridge Trust scholarship.  During its history, the Trust has awarded more than 17,000 scholarships to international students.

The Trust aspires to support as many outstanding students as possible and works with 90 funding partners globally to maximise the number of scholarships available.

The Director & her role

Helen Pennant, a fellow of Clare Hall, is Director of the Cambridge Trust. 

Helen sets strategy and implements Trust policy in consultation with a Board of Trustees.  She is responsible for building the Trust’s value to students and represents the Trust externally travelling extensively to connect with partners, prospect students and alumni of the Trust.

A graduate of the University of Oxford, Helen began her career in the UK civil service working on a range of policy areas with an emphasis on European and international engagement. She was Labour and Social Affairs Attaché at the British Embassy in Paris and also held posts at the European Commission on secondment.

Resident in Canada for seven years immediately prior to joining the Trust in July 2013, she was Executive Director International and Special Advisor to the President at the University of British Columbia.

When she returned to the UK, Helen was elected as a Fellow of Clare Hall, where she lived with her family, husband John and son Thomas, for six months.  The family now lives outside the College, but regularly eats there, as Helen particularly enjoys talking with the graduate students as well as with other Fellows.

Current Trust scholars at Clare Hall

The Cambridge Trust supports scholars from all over the world via a variety of scholarships at all 31 Colleges of the University studying a wide range of subjects. 

Awards are made on the basis of academic merit, financial need and, in the case of scholarships awarded in conjunction with partners, additional criteria such as the country the students come from and/or their chosen area of study.

At Clare Hall, the Trust supported twenty-five scholars during the academic year 2015-16.  A further cohort of nine will join in October for the 2016-17 academic year.

Those scholars currently in residence at Clare Hall are:

Name:  Mohammad Wesam Al Asal
Home country: Syria
Scholarship: Said Foundation Cambridge Scholarship       
Degree: MPhil, Architecture and Urban Studies
Research Subject: Masonry systems, thin-tile vaulting and the influence of technology on traditional construction



Name: Rami Jasser Alghamri
Home country: Palestine
Scholarship: Yousef Jameel Scholarship
Degree: PhD, EngineeringResearch Subject: Self-healing of construction materials: focusing on developing a new generation of unique, versatile and robust self-healing construction materials.




Name: Robert Anstey
Home country: Canada
Scholarship: Honorary Cambridge International Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Archaeology


Name: Alexandros-Spyridon Arvanitakis
Home country: Greece
Scholarship: George and Marie Vergottis Award
Degree: PhD, Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics
Research Subject: Novel approaches to space-time and geometry from string theory




 Name: Tombozgani Banda                
 Home country: Malawi
 Scholarship: Beit Cambridge Scholarship
 Degree: MPhil, Engineering for Sustainable Development
 Research Subject: Nuclear Energy in Malawi – a technical assessment to identify the  optimal nuclear reactor that could provide a sustainable, low-carbon energy source for  the country



Name: Alexander Borodin    
Home country: Germany
Scholarship: Cambridge European Scholarship
Degree: MPhil, Education
Research Subject: Investigation of how instruction can prime mathematics students to reason analytically



Name: Francisco Brahm
Home country: Chile
Scholarship: CONICYT-Chile Cambridge International Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Management Studies
Research Subject: The study of how cooperation, altruism and other ‘social preferences’ such as trust, affect the behaviour and the performance of companies.



Name: Chih-Ta Chien           
Home country: Taiwan
Scholarship: Taiwan Cambridge Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Biochemistry
Research Subject: Structural studies of Anabaena sensory rhodopsin (ASR) using solution NMR spectroscopy




Name: Alvin Jing Kang Chua             
Home country: Singapore
Scholarship: Cambridge International Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Astronomy


Name: Philex Ming-Yan Fan              
Home country: Taiwan
Scholarship: Taiwan Cambridge Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Engineering
Research Subject: Power management and conditioning chip for energy autonomous wearable healthcare-monitoring devices




Name: Hangtian Hou
Home country: China
Scholarship: CSC Cambridge International Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Physics
Research Subject: The study of the low-dimensional electron transport in low temperature quantum systems with help of surface acoustic waves (SAW).  This SAW-based nanotechnology will be applied to the quantum computing and quantum communication



Name: Yan Huang                 
Home country: China
Scholarship: Grace & Thomas C H Chan Cambridge International Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Theoretical & Applied Linguistics
Research Subject: Development of natural language processing techniques for automatic syntactic analysis, which is fundamental to language-related applications



Name: Aftab Jalia
Home country: India
Scholarship: Cambridge Trust Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Architecture
Research Subject: The craft of thin tile vaulting: cost appropriate construction for India.  Aftab’s thesis seeks to assess the place for a 14th century Catalan vault-construction technique for cost-appropriate building in India today



Name: Anel Kulakhmetova
Home country: Kazakhstan
Scholarship: University of Central Asia Cambridge Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Development Studies
Research Subject: The evolution of the perception of childhood in Kazakhstan during the transition years (after independence in 1991)




Name: Luis Leite de Vasconcelos
Home country: Brazil
Scholarship: Science without Borders Cambridge Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Engineering
Research Subject: Design inspiration and fixation: measuring creativity levels in design activity




Name: Vasiliki Mavroeidi
Home country: Greece
Scholarship: George and Marie Vergottis Award
Degree: PhD, Development Studies
Research Subject: Industrial Policy and Global Value Chains: a comparison of the experience of Guangdong, China and Malaysia in the electronics sector




Name: Robert Nishida                      
Home country: Canada
Scholarship: Cambridge Trust Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Engineering
Research Subject: Development of a low-cost sensor for airborne nanoparticles suitable for environmental air quality monitoring




Name: Sarah Nussbaum        
Home country: Canada
Scholarship: The Right Honourable Paul Martin Sr. Scholarship at Cambridge University
Degree: LLM, Law
Research Subject: Sarah’s studies focus on civil liberties and human rights, criminal justice, international human rights law, and law and medicine




Name: Carla Andrea Pastorino Campos                               
Home country: Argentina
Scholarship: Cambridge International Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Theoretical & Applied Linguistics
Research Subject: The influence of physical activity on language learning





Name: Sagar Raturi
Home country: India
Scholarship: Cambridge Trust Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Pharmacology
Research Subject: The investigation of multi-drug transporter proteins which confer drug resistance to bacterial and cancerous cells and the functional aspect of how the various drugs are pumped out of the cells




Name: Livia Ribeiro de Souza
Home country: Brazil
Scholarship: Science without Borders Cambridge Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Engineering
Research Subject: A project which aims to develop microcapsules to be used in self-healing concrete




Name: Sasa Svikovic
Home country: Serbia
Scholarship: LMB Cambridge Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Biological Science
Research Subject:  A study on how crosstalk between DNA replication and transcription affects maintenance of gene expression and how it affects maintenance of gene expression




Name: Ine Vanderleyden
Home country: Belgium
Scholarship: Cambridge European Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Biological Science
Research Subject: 





Name: Luke Villiers   
Home country: Australia
Scholarship: Cambridge Australia Frank Downing Scholarship
Degree: LLM, Law
Research Subject: Public international law, including international human rights law, investment law, international environmental law and the law of armed conflict




Name: Stephen Walsh
Home country: Ireland
Scholarship: Cambridge European Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Chemistry
Research Subject: Development of new synthetic strategies for the construction of plasma-stable Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) with precise drug-to-antibody ratios









Name: Michael Webster
Home country: Australia
Scholarship: LMB Cambridge International Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Biological Science
Research Subject: Cryo-electron microscopy of complexes the control gene expression and the biochemical properties of proteins that direct their behaviour


Joining them in October 2016 to commence their studies in Michaelmas term will be:

Name: Mohammad Wesam Al Asali
Home country: Syria
Scholarship: Said Foundation Cambridge Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Architecture

Name: Anne Herrmann
Home country: Germany
Scholarship: Helen Stone Scholarship at the University of Cambridge
Degree: PhD, Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics

Name: Chu-Cheng Lin
Home country: Taiwan
Scholarship: Taiwan Cambridge Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Zoology

Name: Elias Nosrati
Home country: Norway
Scholarship: Cambridge International Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Sociology

Name: Sung Yun Park
Home country: Korea
Scholarship: LMB Cambridge Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Biological Science

Name: Jonathan Tay
Home country: Canada
Scholarship: Cambridge International Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Clinical Neurosciences

Name: Brynja Thorgeirsdottir
Home country: Iceland
Scholarship: Cambridge International Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic


Name: Xiuze Wang
Home country: China
Scholarship: CSC Cambridge International Scholarship
Degree: PhD, Engineering