Anglo-German Encounters and Transfers Colloquium

The colloquium theme of Anglo-German Encounters and Transfers in the eighteenth and nineteenth century accentuates and anticipates the digital vistas of information transfer and global encounters in our current epoch.

Venue: Richard Eden Suite, Clare Hall

This colloquium is a free event; however, registration is required using the Eventbrite link below. Graduate Students are especially welcome.

All talks are in English.

Speakers include:

  • Professor Tim Fulford, De Montfort University
  • Dr John Guthrie, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Philipp Hunnekuhl, Universit√§t Hamburg
  • Professor Maike Oergel, University of Nottingham
  • Professor Eugenia Perojo, Universidad de Valladolid
  • Professor Lynda Pratt, University of Nottingham
  • Lead Curator Susan Reed, British Library
  • Professor Elinor Shaffer, University of London
  • Dr Neil Vickers, King's College London
  • Dr James Vigus, Queen Mary University of London
  • Dr Maximiliaan van Woudenberg, Clare Hall, Cambridge

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For any questions regarding this event, please contact Dr Maximiliaan van Woudenberg, Visiting Fellow at 

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