Clare Hall Colloquium - Francis Wells

Tuesday 24 May, 7.30pm, Meeting Room 

Speaker: Francis Wells (Cardiothoracic surgeon, Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridge and Honorary Fellow of Clare Hall) 

Title: Making sense of Leonardo’s work on the heart: a personal journey.

Leonardo da Vinci was the archetypal Renaissance polymath. Trained in the Florentine studio of Verrocchio, he became a Natural Philosopher and pursued an understanding of man’s place in the universe. The originality of his studies of human form and function, in an era when medicine was firmly in the Galenic tradition, led to anatomical and physiological descriptions of the heart that would now be considered ‘blue sky thinking’. 

The talk will be followed by a guided tour of the Clare Hall exhibition, The Art and Heart of Leonardo, co-curated by Francis.  

Please note that in response to Covid, College guidelines should be followed. Windows will remain open during colloquia.

Potential attendees should email Kevin Edwards ( and numbers are restricted to around 20 people for the moment.