Clare Hall Colloquium - Professor Renato Beneduzi (fully booked)

This event is fully booked. 

The Colloquia provide an opportunity for members of Clare Hall to speak for up to 40 minutes on a subject that is usually, but not necessarily, related to their research, and is geared towards a non-specialist audience. We have found that the Colloquia are an important and productive way for Visiting Fellows and Life Members especially to share their research and stimulate debate within College.

The first speaker in the Clare Hall Colloquium series for Michaelmas Term (Tuesday 12 October, Clare Hall Meeting Room, 7.30pm) is Professor Renato Beneduzi of The Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro, who will speak on the topic 'Checks and balances, and how democracies collapse'. Democracies die for many different reasons, such as shifts in ideology or in religious or philosophical beliefs, economic transformations, military defeats, and natural disasters. From a legalistic point of view, democracies collapse when systems of checks and balances fail, leading to either anarchy or to excessive concentration of power. This is explored using examples from the past and the present.

A note from Colloquium organiser, Professor Kevin Edwards:
"For the duration of the coronavirus emergency, these in-person talks are limited to 20 people. The windows within the room will be open to aid ventilation, so please consider dressing warmly and wearing a mask! All remaining speaking slots for this term have been allocated, and it has been possible to place some speakers for Lent Term. If anyone wishes to speak that term, then please contact me at".