Clare Hall Reflects: Easter Term Graduate Conference 2019

The annual Clare Hall graduate students' conference is being held on 27 April. Organised by and for students and the post-doc community, this event gives attendees the opportunity to present their work in a professional conference setting, network with peers, take part in panel discussions and more.

For more information, including how to buy tickets, click here.

Speakers include:

  • Building (Cysteine) Bridges: A next-generation approach to targeted cancer therapy
    Friederike M. Dannheim, PhD in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry
  • Cardiovascular Diseases and Pregnancy Loss
    Fiona Simmons-Jones, MPhil in Public Health, Institute of Public Health
  • Chromatin without Histones: Investigation of unorthodox nuclear organisation in dinoflagellate - Ian Hu, PhD in Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry
  • The (Not So) Secret Lives of Musical Instruments
    Mariam Nazarian, MPhil in Music, Faculty of Music
  • Printing on Marshmallows and Candy
    Leonard Ng Wei Tat, PhD in Engineering, Department of Engineering
  • The Queer Potential of Performance Practice as Research
    Rebecca Anna Moses, MPhil in Arts, Creativity and Education, Faculty of Education
  • Right Place, Right Time, Right Size: How to make an embryo
    Helena Pérez Valle, PhD in Genetics of Development, Department of Genetics
  • Women and Agency within Islamist Organisations
    Zeina Dowidar, MPhil in Development Studies, Centre of Development Studies, POLIS