Drawing in ’500 Milan - International Study Day

The twentieth century saw many important developments in the study of Milanese draughtsmanship. Numerous artistic personalities have been brought to light and their profiles configured systematically in articles, exhibition catalogues and scholarly monographs and many fundamental issues of chronology, artistic collaborations and workshop practices have been clarified. And yet, the field of Milanese and, more generally, Lombard disegno continues to elude neat classification and various questions concerning the idiosyncratic nature of its development remain open for discussion, which contributes to the deep fascination held by this area of study.

The Cambridge International Study Day on Milanese Disegno proposes to reunite the major scholars in the field with the aim of promoting a re-examination of the protagonists of Milanese Cinquecento draughtsmanship, in which issues of attribution and style and technical analyses of media and techniques will receive equal attention. The purpose of this groundbreaking initiative is to scrutinise and clarify further the foundations of our knowledge of this topic and to stimulate wider international debate on the development of Milanese disegno.

This event is free and open to all.

Organiser and Convenor
Dr. Lucia Tantardini