Grange Road Colleges Bar Crawl

A chance for Clare Hallers to check out some local college bars.

GSB message:
"As part of the crawl, we'll visit Newnham, Robinson, and Wolfson bars. We are required to keep accurate records for COVID tracking purposes. Please sign up on this form by Wednesday midday so that we can allocate groups: If you wish to sign-up after this date, send an email. We will meet by the Porters' Lodge at 7:40pm on Thursday. Groups will depart for the first bar at 7:45pm."

Thursday 7 October, 8-11pm.

The Anthony Low Building (ALB) is home to the Clare Hall student bar. The bar is fully student-run, and its open-air balcony is a great place to enjoy a drink, providing a view of the Fellows' Garden. The ALB can be located on this map of the College.