Liberation Literature Lecture Series

'De Gaulle at the Liberation'

The inaugural lecture of the Liberation Literature Series, delivered by Professor Julian Jackson, Professor of Modern French History and Head of the School of History at Queen Mary University of London.

De Gaulle was a voice before he was a face. For four years between 1940 and 1944, the French people had known him only through his broadcasts on the BBC - or through the vilification of Vichy propaganda.  This made him a kind of blank sheet which the French could project their aspirations, fear and expectations on to. The Liberation was the moment of truth when for the first time the French encountered their ‘liberator’ in flesh and blood. This lecture explores the ambiguities of this moment of truth.

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On the day of the inaugural lecture, the University Library will host a pop-up exhibition of books selected from the Chadwyck-Healey Liberation Literature Collection. The exhibition will be in the Milstein Room of the library, open to the public between 2-5pm.

The annual Liberation Literature Lecture series brings together high-profile British and international scholars of literature and historical studies. The series is organised by Clare Hall and the Cambridge University Library and has been made possible thanks to a generous donation from Sir Charles Chadwyck-Healey. 

The series is convened by Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes, Fellow Clare Hall.

Venue: Richard Eden Suite, Clare Hall

Image: General Charles de Gaulle in front of the Arc de Triumphe following the city's liberation in August 1944. © IWM (HU66477)