Three Slide Talks

Head to the ALB for this term's Three Slide Talks on Thursday 30 June from 7pm, during which speakers will present on a topic of their choice using only three slides. This will be a fun opportunity to hear about other Clare Hallers' research while enjoying a drink in the ALB - plus, snacks and finger food will be provided!

Our speakers are:

- Professor Tara White, a Life Member in Social and Behavioural Sciences, Neuroscience, and Human Rights & Humanitarian Studies, who will discuss dignity neuroscience and the ways in which universal human rights relate to the brain

- Eleanor Tovey, an MPhil student in Public Health, who will share her work evaluating a holistic programme aiming to tackle health inequalities

- Jiahang Li, a PhD student in Materials Science and Metallurgy, who will talk about what electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution is and how we can increase the reaction efficiency