Thursday Lunchtime Talk

Is TrumpEconomics going to change the World? Focusing on the Government-Industry relationship in the US and China.

Professor Marco R Di Tommaso

University of Ferrara Italy, South China University of Technology and Visiting Fellow

Economic and political equilibria between China and the US are changed. And probably this is just the beginning. In the last four decades, the structural transformation of the two economies has been strongly interrelated. The outstanding industrialization in China has been possible also thanks to the massive deindustrialization in the US (and vice versa). Further complementarities can be found in many other areas. We are experiencing two impressive processes of change that have radically reshaped the Economy and the Society of the two countries. In this new conflictual age, are Government-Industry equilibria - in the US, in China and in the rest of the world - destined to become different? Is TrumpEconomics going to change the World?

Venue: Clare Hall Meeting Room