Where does science stand on the Shroud of Turin?

Join us on Sunday 26 September from 4-5pm to enjoy Clare Hall's contribution to the University of Cambridge's Alumni Festival, 'Where does science stand on the Shroud of Turin?' with Fellow, Professor Peter Wadhams.

The Shroud of a Turin, one of the world’s most significant religious relics, has baffled scientists for decades. Was the Shroud used following Jesus’ crucifixion, or an archaeological find of a mortal man from the Middle Ages undergoing identical tortures? Professor Peter Wadhams will walk you through the science of radiocarbon dating the history of this legendary archaeological cloth.

Following the talk, join Peter for an exclusive tour of the awe-inspiring Turin Cathedral, which houses the Shroud, and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the scientific goings-on. Following the tour, guests can message Peter directly with their questions during a live Q&A via Zoom to round off the session.

'Where does science stand on the Shroud of Turin' will be hosted online only, please book via our Eventbrite page.

About the speaker: 

Professor Peter Wadhams ScD is a polar geophysicist who has worked on the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice and their disappearance due to climate change. He was Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute and has led 55 expeditions to the polar regions. Peter’s unlikely connection to the Shroud of Turin began in 1990 when he won the Italgas Prize for Environmental Sciences. An executive of Italgas was also the founder of the Shroud Museum in Turin and interested in Peter’s perspective. Peter is now a member of the international Shroud Science Committee and is one of the ‘scientific guardians’ of the Shroud of Turin. Peter’s work and unique background have led to the application of new techniques to the study of this world-renowned relic.

A breakdown of the programme timings will be posted here in due course. Guests will be sent further information and a Zoom link the week of the event.

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