Brian Pippard Building

Rooms available
A modern building with 15 single study bedrooms, large kitchen with three work areas, a dining and sitting room.

Ground Floor
Room 1                                                                        
Room 2 (share shower/toilet)                                      
Room 3                                                                        
Room 4 (disabled facilities* and private bathroom)   

First Floor
Room 5                                                                        
Room 6 (share shower/toilet)                                      
Room 7                                                                        
Room 8 (own bathroom)                                             
Room 9 (own bathroom)                                             

Second Floor
Room 10                                                                       
Room 11 (share shower/toilet)                                     
Room 12                                                                       
Room 13 (own bathroom)                                            


The following two south facing rooms have their own entrance; they share a diner/kitchen and bathroom but there is no sitting room.  They are adjacent to but separate from the Brian Pippard Building and its communal areas, although access can be arranged.

Room 14 (with balcony)                                                
Room 15                                                                        

Brian Pippard Building Family Flats

These flats are self-contained with their own entrances inside the college main site.
They are for students with families and are not usually available for single or double occupancy.

Flat 1 (Ground floor)

  • Open plan living room and kitchen
  • double bedroom
  • single bedroom with 2 bunk beds
  • bathroom
  • Small outside yard.                                         

Flat 2 (Ground Floor)

  • Living room
  • double bedroom
  • small single bedroom with 2 bunk beds
  • kitchen
  • bathroom                                                                  

Flat 3 (1st floor)

  • Living room
  • double bedroom
  • small single bedroom
  • kitchen
  • bathroom                                                                                            

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