Thursday, 30 June 2022 - 7:00pm

Head to the ALB for this term's Three Slide Talks on Thursday 30 June from 7pm, during which speakers will present on a topic of their choice using only three slides. This will be a fun opportunity to hear about other Clare Hallers' research while enjoying a drink in the ALB - plus, snacks and finger food will be provided!

Our speakers are:

- Professor Tara White, a Life Member in Social and Behavioural Sciences, Neuroscience, and Human Rights & Humanitarian Studies, who will discuss dignity neuroscience and the ways in which universal human rights relate to the brain

- Eleanor Tovey, an MPhil student in Public Health, who will share her work evaluating a holistic programme aiming to tackle health inequalities

- Jiahang Li, a PhD student in Materials Science and Metallurgy, who will talk about what electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution is and how we can increase the reaction efficiency


Monday, 4 July 2022 - 12:00pm

Join Clare Hall in a guided (or self-guided) mindful wander and outdoor meditation, enjoying the College’s beautiful grounds and gardens.

Mindfulness is about purposely paying attention in the present moment; noticing our surroundings and what we are doing, rather than being caught in thinking about the past or future.

You’re warmly invited to take in the sights, sounds and fragrances of Clare Hall’s green spaces this summertime. The guided session will begin with mindful sculpture sketching (no art skills required whatsoever, as we’ll be drawing without looking at the paper). We’ll then explore the trees along Herschel Road, before heading over to West Court for a short guided meditation, after which participants will be free to roam our gardens.

The Festival of Wellbeing is open to all staff in both the academic University and the colleges, and to students. If you do not have a Raven login you can book onto events by emailing  

Guided sessions

Time slots (there are 4 sessions in total):
Monday 4 July from 12pm-1pm or 2pm-3pm
Tuesday 5 July from 12pm-1pm or 2pm-3pm

Please book via the Equality & Diversity website.

Detail on activities:

  • Mindful sculpture sketching: we will provide paper and pens for a short mindful sketching exercise, in which participants are invited not to look at the paper and to simply look very closely at a sculpture and sketch what they most notice. You may be surprised by your creation!
  • Tree-looking: walking along Herschel Road we will pause and look carefully at the large, leafy trees, listening to any sounds and wildlife we may notice.
  • Guided meditation: once at West Court we will sit on the grass and a Clare Hall staff member will invite attendees to follow a short guided body scan meditation, focusing on the face, shoulders, hands and feet as applicable.
  • Free to roam: once we have completed the above activities, you are very welcome to wander our gardens and grounds freely, leaving at a time to best suit your schedule.

Practical matters:

  • Drawing materials will be provided, but if you have particular pencils or pens you’re fond of, please feel free to bring them along.
  • The drawing element is optional and you're very welcome to skip it and simply enjoy looking around the courtyard at that point if preferable.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and footwear, and bring a bottle of water or other refreshment with you.
  • Our maximum group size is 10 and we are running 4 sessions in total (allowing up to 50 minutes for the main guided aspects, though you can of course leave early if your schedule doesn’t fit the whole session).
  • If it rains on the day, the group will go to the Richard Eden Suite in West Court for some indoor drawing, nature reflection and a guided meditation session.
  • Those who sign-up to the guided session will receive a confirmation email with details of where to meet and a reminder of what to bring on the day.  


You can also enjoy a self-guided wander if you’d prefer to practice mindfulness solo or with your friends. Please sign up via Eventbrite to receive a digital copy of the Mindful Wander guide, or pick up a paper copy from our Porters’ Lodge.

About us

Clare Hall is a college for advanced study at the University of Cambridge, located close to the University Library and neighbouring Robinson College.

If you are interested in the guided session but cannot make these dates, please email Katherine Selby via, as we may plan extra sessions in the near future.

For any other queries, including regarding accessibility, please email Katrine Mackay via   

Explore the full Festival of Wellbeing programme via

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Tuesday, 5 July 2022 - 8:00pm

Join the College’s Book Club as they discuss The Radetzky March by Joseph Roth (1932) — a family saga concluding in World War One, with the declining Austro-Hungarian Empire in the background.

Tuesday 5 July 2022, 8pm

‘Poetic and skilled pages…’ – The New York Times

‘One of the most readable, poignant, and superb novels in twentieth-century German…Roth was a cultural monument of Galician Jewry: ironic, compassionate, perfectly pitched to his catastrophic era.’ – Harold Bloom

All College members are welcome to attend in-person, meeting in Clare Hall’s King Room, or via Zoom. If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be, please send an email to Sarah Garrison via, confirming your Clare Hall connection and putting the following as the email title: I would like to join the Book Club mailing list.

Learn more about the Book Club.


Sunday, 10 July 2022 - 7:30pm

Sunday 10 July 2022 from 7.30pm
Clare Hall Dining Room

Book tickets via Eventbrite.


Purcell - music from The Fairy Queen (1692)

Mozart - Quartet in B flat, K.589 (1789)

Schubert -Quartettsatz in C minor, D.708 (1820)
               – with Andante completed by Brian Newbould (1994/2012)

Shostakovich - Quartet No.12, Op.133 (1968)

Alan George, a founding member of the Quartet, comments:
'Henry Purcell has been a favourite FSQ composer from our earliest days, and we make no apology for including not only his four-part viol fantazias in our programmes, but also selections of instrumental pieces from his stage and church music. It was mainly through him that we collectively came to use early instruments, so this programme traces, via three young men “whom the Gods love……”, the rapid development of the violin family over 130 years to its familiar form today. Whilst the second of Mozart’s quartets for the cello-playing King Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia is as sunny as one would wish, it is surrounded here by a particularly terse piece of Schubert and one of the last quartets by Dmitri Shostakovich, already stricken by heart failure to the extent that these final works seem almost obsessed with his own mortality – yet demonstrating in the end a heroic resolve to remain alive! Although his death just seven years later cut short his grand plan for 24 quartets in all 24 keys, there is no explanation for Schubert’s having broken off after 40 bars of the second movement of his C minor. The ethics of completing unfinished works remains controversial (and maybe a future workshop at Clare Hall would be in order), but we should at least be indebted to Professor Newbould for enabling us to hear some beautiful music which lay silent for so many years.

The Fitzwilliam was hugely fortunate to have been around at the right time and place when, back in 1972, the great Dmitri Shostakovich visited the quartet in York to hear them play. As a boy, Alan often daydreamed about what it might be like were the doorbell to ring, and to find Beethoven standing on the threshold! He says, 'Spending time with Shostakovich went some way to providing an answer: it was life-changing.' 

Useful information for attendees

  • Accessibility details: full step-free access, accessible toilet, lift.
  • Find directions on how to get to Clare Hall and contact details here.
  • Read up-to-date information relating to Covid-19 and visiting Clare Hall on this page.

Photo: Glen T Photography

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Friday, 22 July 2022 - 7:00pm

Attendees: please see an email from our Tutorial Office with all details.