Current students are encouraged to discuss applying for the awards listed below with their tutor.

Marjorie Chibnall Bursary

This Bursary was established by Professor Eric Carlson, Former Chair of the History Department at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota in memory of Professor Marjorie Chibnall, a distinguished medieval historian and Fellow of Clare Hall, to be given to an outstanding student with financial needs. While all students are eligible, preference will be given to students of medieval history or any period of British history.  The bursary has a value of £600 and is awarded annually. The first recipient will be awarded in Michaelmas term 2017

British Academy Biography - Professor Marjorie Chibnall
Memorial Address

The Boak Student Support Fund

This fund provides support for students of Clare Hall to pursue outstanding research and educational opportunities. These awards are in addition to the existing Tutors’ Fund for Research Support and are intended to facilitate research and/or conference attendance for those requiring substantial additional support. Awards are competitive and hence offered on a selective case-by-case basis with reference to academic merit and research potential.

  • Typically awards range from £1,000 - £2,000 and may be used for research and conference expenses. There is no lower limit.
  • Both M.Phil and PhD students are eligible to apply to this fund 
  • Applications must be made by the division of each term
  • For 2018-19 the following dates apply - 9 November 2018, 13 February 2019 and 21 May 2019 
  • Applications will be reviewed by a panel of Tutors and decisions will be communicated within three weeks of the deadline for submission

Application form for the Boak Student Support Fund

Salje Medals

Awarded annually to two research students (one in Arts/Humanities & Social Sciences and one in the Sciences) whose completed PhD thesis and publications merit high commendation.

Professor Mikiko Ishii Bursary

An annual award of £2,500 to a current student of outstanding academic merit in the Arts or Humanities. The closing date for receipt of applications is 30th June in each year.

Ishii Scholarship Testimonial 2016-17

"I am a 3rd year PhD student in Classics working on ancient Greek philosophy. Early Greek philosophy provided the roots for the Western thought. Therefore, studying the ancient Greek wisdom means engaging with questions that are yet central in contemporary philosophy, and conceptual tools that still guide our way of thinking. The question I address is that of the role of women in ancient philosophy. Namely, I explore how Greek philosophers portrayed the female gender and whether women, even if very few of them, contributed to the development of the ancient Greek thought.

My thesis is entitled "Women in the Early Pythagorean Doctrines and Communities". It focuses on Pythagoras’ female disciples and the large, but so far little researched, role they played in the early Pythagorean community. Much work has been done on the peculiarities of the Pythagorean style of society – from the vow of silence its members had to take to their vegetarian diet. Recently, scholars have turned their attention to a more specific and distinctive feature of these organisations: the inclusion of women as both members of the community and adherents of the philosophical doctrines. The overall purpose of my work is thus to investigate to what extent the Pythagorean women took part in the society, as well as what reason lies behind such a peculiar inclusion. An enquiry into the affairs of the Pythagorean women is profitable for both the study of women in the Greco-Roman society and our understanding of the social and intellectual dynamics characterising ancient philosophical schools - for that of women in Pythagoreanism constitutes an exceptional case of female participation in an ancient community and the very first case of female engagement in ancient philosophy.

I am very grateful to my college, Clare Hall, for the continuous support received during my doctorate. And especially to Professor Mikiko Ishii for enthusiastically promoting the Humanities.

Caterina Pello

Tutors' Fund

Current students are eligible to apply for the following awards from the Tutors’ Fund, details of which, together with application forms, are available in the Tutorial Office:  These awards are available throughout the year.

Research Awards

Research awards of £100 are available to students in their first year of graduate study, and £250 to those in their second and third years, towards conference and computer expenses or for the purchase of books.

Apply for a Research award online

Hardship Awards

For unexpected financial hardship.  Each case is decided on its own merits.

Apply for a Hardship award online

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