Current students are encouraged to discuss applying for the awards listed below with their Tutor.

The Boak Student Support Fund

Thanks to the kind bequest of the late Professor Dennis Boak in 2016, Clare Hall has a special fund to support student research.

The fund is mainly for conference travel, research travel to archives etc. Allowing for Covid restrictions on travel, you can apply to the Boak Fund for wider research expenses: for example, to get archival material scanned, for recording equipment, or other equipment to help you do your research remotely. You can also apply for help with online conference expenses if the conference is important for your academic development and/or if you are giving a paper.

Typically, awards range from £1,000 to £2,000, and lower awards are also made. Online conference attendance costs are usually significantly lower, with cheaper registration fees (and accommodation and travel costs are not needed). Awards are competitive and hence offered on a selective case-by-case basis regarding academic merit and research potential.

The Boak Fund does not normally fund coursework materials, and it is not intended to cover things your department would normally cover, or for which funding is available to you through other mechanisms such as RTSG.

The maximum award is £2,000 per student each year, but most individual awards will be smaller. There is no lower limit.

  • Both MPhil and PhD students are eligible to apply to this fund. However, the last round in the Easter Term is not available to MPhils and the first round in the Michaelmas Term is not available to MPhils or first year PhDs. 
  • Applications will be reviewed by a panel of Tutors and decisions will be communicated within three weeks of the deadline for submission. Tutors consider the impact of the award on the applicant's progression within the relevant academic field, whether the requested budget is appropriate and commensurate with the impact and other sources of funding available to support the proposal.
  • Funds are dispersed across the application rounds but the total awarded in each Term is typically around £5000. The panel usually receives around a dozen applications each Term. 
  • Partial awards are offered when considered appropriate by the panel. 
  • Awards are usually paid in arrears but exceptional circumstances can be accommodated by arranagement and should be requested within the application. 


Academic year 2022-23: Two deadlines in each Term. Provisionally: 2nd October, 8th November, 15th January, 28th February, 25th April, 4th June. 

A decision is expected within three weeks of each deadline. 

If you have a research expense that you think might be eligible, please discuss it with your Tutor before making an application.

Boak Student Support Fund Application Form*

Research Awards from the Tutors' Fund

Research awards of £100 are available for students doing a one-year course, and to PhD students in their first year of doctoral study. PhD students can apply for a further £250 in both their second and third years, up to a total of maximum £600 for a PhD course. These awards are intended to help with conference and computer expenses or for the purchase of books.

Tutors' Fund Research Award Application Form*

Hardship Awards

The College has limited funds available to support students experiencing unexpected financial hardship. Students are encouraged to contact their Tutor to discuss the matter and to hand in the form below to apply for a hardship award.

Hardship Award Application Form*

Mental Health Fund

If you require mental health support beyond what is offered by the University Counselling Service and College Based Counselling, you can apply for support from the College’s mental health fund. This fund can be used to pay for tailored therapy by a private counsellor or psychotherapist. Please contact your Tutor and complete the application form below. You can rest assured that your request will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and you are not required to share any particulars beyond the fact that you require mental health support.

Mental Health Fund Application Form*

Heidelberg Summer Exchange

Clare Hall participates annually in a one-month exchange with the University of Heidelberg. There is an opportunity for one student from Clare Hall to attend the International Summer School of German language and Culture from 29 July 2021-25 August 2021. The award includes a tuition waiver of 670 euros for German language classes (and additional programme) and 550 euros to cover accommodation and food. Accommodation will be organised by Heidelberg University. Any additional costs, including transport to Heidelberg), must be met by the student.

If you would like to be considered for the Summer Exchange, please email the tutorial office by 25 May 2021 or earlier. You should write a short application  (no more than one side of A4) setting out why you feel your current or future studies would benefit from attendance on this course. The course will take place online only in Heidelberg.

Details of the 2022 exchange will be published here as soon as they are available.

Blues and Half Blues Awards at Clare Hall

Encouraging participation in sports, Clare Hall rewards students who represent the University of Cambridge and who have been awarded a Blue or a Half Blue, by offering a financial reward of £100.

Blues are awarded for competing at the highest level of university sport at Cambridge and a Full Blue is the highest honour that can be given to a Cambridge Sportsperson. The competition must include taking part in a Varsity Match or a Race against the University of Oxford.

Current students are contacted annually with the application form late in the Easter Term. 

*This form is supplied as an interactive Adobe Acrobat PDF. You should download it directly to your computer and complete using Adobe Acrobat Reader (free to download and use). Complete as much of it as you can, save, and then forward it to your supervisor (or course organiser) to add their comments and details, after which they should save it and return to you via email. Signature fields may be keyed in directly confirming FULL NAME, there is no need to print, sign, and scan the form back in. Once all the fields are complete you may select the ‘Click Here to Submit this Form’ button or email the form directly to Note that if you attempt to complete the form using your smartphone, or tablet,  or an internet browser such as Chrome, MS Edge, or FireFox then some interactive fields in the form may not operate as expected. If this happens, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and edit the form once you have saved it.

Clare Hall is committed to protecting your privacy, please refer to