Graduate Student Body

What is the GSB?

All graduate students at Clare Hall are automatically members of the Graduate Student Body (GSB). The GSB Committee is elected to represent student interests throughout the College and the wider University, as well as arranging regular social and sports events. The GSB Committee is a great way to be actively involved in College organisation, meet new people and promote students' well-being. 

How are they elected?

  • All members of the GSB are entitled to stand for election or re-election to the Committee which is elected annually.
  • The President and Treasurer are elected at the end of the Full Easter Term, whereas the remaining officers are elected at the beginning of the following Michaelmas Term.  
  • Students interested in any of the roles can get in touch with the current or previous Committee members.
  • Call for self-nominations is open from 16 days to 2 days prior to the election taking place.
  • Voting is held by way of secret ballot, which may include online voting.

Stay in touch

Keep up to date with all student news, views and events on the Student Facebook page.


Graduate Student Body

Fiona Calvert GSB President
Giovanna Dimitri GSB Vice President
Stephen Walsh GSB Secretary
Mojtaba Bagheri GSB Music
Amy Batley GSB Welfare
Rashel Pakbaz GSB Music
Gianmarco Raddi GSB Treasurer
Garrett Bray GSB Sports
Sophie Allcock GSB President
Will Phillips GSB Sports
Steve Denman GSB Fellow-student interactions
Nuzha Nuseibeh GSB Equalities
Tim Coorens GSB Social
Noah Law GSB External
Josh Noseworthy GSB Green