Graduation Information

Graduation Dates

Please note

All Congregation ceremonies are currently postponed until the end of March 2021, possibly longer.

Once the Board of Graduate Studies have informed you that you have been approved for your degree, you are invited to sign up for any of Clare Hall’s 2020-2021 Graduation Dates:

30 January 2021- in absentia

27 March 2021- in absentia

22 May 2021- in absentia

24 July 2021

You can do so by filling out the Graduation Form, which you can get from the Tutorial Office

In Person/In Absentia

Normally, you have the option to graduate in person or in absentia. If you choose to graduate in absentia, you will not be able to return at a later date to graduate in person.

Graduations are currently in absentia only, due to Covid-19. This might change in April 2021.

Congregation Senate House

The exact timings of the ceremony will be circulated to graduands by Monday morning preceding the Saturday congregation. Clare Hall tends to be timetabled in the afternoon, but this can change.  

Guest Tickets

You can request up to three guest tickets, free of charge, for the congregation.

Guest Rooms

If you require a room overnight for your guests, please complete our accommodation enquiry form

Graduation Dinner

See your letter from the Tutorial Administrator for arrangements for the Graduation dinner which takes place the night before Graduation. Please bring your gown to the dinner. The Praelector will do a short rehearsal with all graduands. Please note that there is a limit of 5 guests per graduand at the dinners, subject to space. This applies to all graduation dinners except the large July graduation. In July, the limit is 3 guests per graduand, subject to space. At present graduation dinners are not taking place due to Covid-19. They might resume in April 2021.


Salje Medals

These are awarded annually to two research students (one in Arts/Humanities and Social Sciences and one in the Sciences) whose completed PhD thesis and publications merit high commendation.

For those who had their degree approved during the calendar year 2020 and wish to be considered for a Salje Medal, please submit the following to the Tutorial Office ( by 6 August 2021 :

• a summary of your thesis topic (up to 400 words in clear, non-specialised English)

• your examiners’ reports

• a CV of your publications and other academic activities.