How you can help


Clare Hall has over 5400 Life Members.

More than 370 Clare Hall Life Members supported Clare Hall in the past financial year.

£3M is needed to stabilise the endowment for the long-term future of the College.

£250k is spent each year in maintaining the college buildings.

10% of our graduate students have been helped by bursaries & awards this academic year.


The challenge

We are not planning to grow Clare Hall significantly in size, but rather provide the best environment and support for our scholars and students.

  • Our immediate concern is student welfare and financial support, and being able to provide facilities for everyone to work and meet in the College.
  • Our long-term aim is to enable more students and fellows to live within the college envelope.
  • Our duty to future generations is to grow our endowment so we can meet challenges and channel support to where it is most needed.
To do this we need the help and support from our Life Members, friends and supporters.