Iceni Botanical Artists

Iceni Botanical Artists

Formed in 2010, Iceni Botanical Artists has 25 members all residing locally and committed to celebrating the Plant Kingdom.

Their work ranges from loose and free interpretations, to scientifically accurate plant portraits and each artist’s love of flowers can be seen in the exuberance and power of their paintings, from delicate wild flowers to exotic cultivars represented by superb detail and with imaginative compositions.

They hold two exhibitions per year.

Over a three year period they have been painting the wild flowers to be found in Breckland. Many of the plants are only found in Breckland and several are rare and endangered such as Spiked Speedwell, Breckland Thyme, Annual Knawel and Spanish Catchfly which help to make the Breck’s landscape so unique.

This collection of paintings has concentrated on recording the plants of the Heaths and Grassland which for the most part are very small, being adapted to arid conditions.

It is hoped that the collection will be published and therefore the paintings are not sale.