IT Information

Wireless network

The College has many UIS wireless access points across the estate, providing wireless coverage in all buildings and most outside areas.

Before you begin to configure your device, you should first visit (Raven protected) and collect your network token. 

The UIS eduroam webpage is where you can find apps for Windows and Mac to help you to configure your device for eduroam

Please note that devices such as Smart-TVs, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Xbox, PlayStation, cannot connect to the eduroam wireless network.  To connect these types of devices, please contact the IT department at who will arrange a time to configure your devices onto a distinct wireless network.

We cannot support the use of personal wireless printers.  We have an enterprise wireless network which is very different to a domestic Wi-Fi network.  You can print from your personal laptops/desktops to the MFD (multi-function device) in the Anthony Low Building PC room.

Please note we highly recommend you turn off the wireless radio on any personal wireless printer you have as they can negatively affect your overall wireless experience in their vicinity (they tend to have very noisy cheap wireless radios in them).

Managed Cluster Service (MCS) PC Room's

In the Anthony Low Building (ALB) is a PC room with four PCs that are part of the MCS - Managed Cluster Service.  These PCs are dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux and have a vast array of software for you to use on them.  Software titles include Stata, SPSS, R, MatLab, Mathmatica, EndNote, Zotero and so on.

In the Ashby Library carrel no. 1 is another MCS PC with the same operating system and software availability as the ALB PC room.

To log into the PCs, you will need your CRSid as the username and your UIS (e.g. Raven/MCS/Hermes) password.  You can find more information here


There is a Konica Minolta MFD (Multi Function Device) in the Anthony Low Building that you can use to print, scan to email and photocopy in mono or colour, A4 and A3.  The MFD is part of the DS-Print service that uses a common balance to pay for your printing and copying

Printing and copying is charged at:

  • 5p per sheet (i.e. 2.5p per side when printing double-sided) for A4 mono
  • 10p per sheet A3 mono
  • 10p per sheet A4 colour
  • 20p per sheet for A3 colour

You can buy credit for print/copy online at or in cash at the Porters’ Lodge (£1 minimum and £30 maximum).  More info can be found at

You can set up your personal Windows or Mac machines to print to DS-Print devices, both here in the ALB and across the University, wherever there is a DS-Print device.

We strongly recommend you set up your University card to unlock the MFD; first, you need to associate it with your MCS/DS-Print account.  To do so, go to the ALB MFD, show your card to the front of the machine (there’s an icon on the front showing where to hold your card) then using the touch screen, enter your CRSid in the username box and your Raven password below and press login.  The next time you want to unlock the MFD, just use your university card.

Use of the College IT network

If you use the College IT network (wired or wireless), you agree to abide by the rules governing the use of the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN). Some of the rules require you to ensure any computer you use on the CUDN is kept up to date with the latest patches available for the version of the operating system (OS) you are using (e.g. Windows, macOS, Linux etc.).   You are also required to install and keep anti-malware and anti-virus software up to date on your machines.  A free version of McAfee is available for PC or Mac to download from University Information Services (UIS)

The use of any computer/device on the College IT network to access, obtain or download illegal, pirated or copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.  The notice on the abuse of copyright is available at Anyone found with this type of material on their computer/device will have it removed, may be barred from using the CUDN and will be reported to the Senior Tutor and the President of the College.  Please don’t do it.

The rules on the use of the CUDN can be found on the UIS website

IT Office Opening Hours

The IT Office is open Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 8:30am - 4pm.


If you have any questions please contact the Clare Hall IT team at