Jasper and Jean Rose

16 January - 22 February 2020

Jasper and Jean were both early members of the Cambridge Society of Painters and Sculptures, which in the late 1940s and 1950s awakened this city to an interest in contemporary art.  Their names appear frequently in a scrapbook, filled with letters and photographs recording the Society’s early years. Jasper, having read History at King’s College, and afterwards gaining a Fellowship, taught briefly at the University of Keele, before returning to Cambridge to edit The Cambridge Review, A Journal of University Life and Thought. Here he met John Ziman with whom he wrote Camford Observed: An Investigation of the Ancient English Universities in the Modern World (1964). This entertaining book amused many, but was also widely reviewed and brought about change. Jasper, after moving with his family to America in 1963, soon found himself a founder member of the University of California, Santa Cruz, where his ideas about education were put into effect. In the summers the family returned home to their house in Cambridge’s Portugal Place. And soon after Clare Hall opened, Jasper took his son Inigo to see it, no doubt because its more modern approach to college life suited his taste and beliefs.

After Jasper retired, the family returned to England and settled in Bath. Both Jasper and Jean painted daily and exhibited regularly, capturing the world around them with a magical freshness and innocence of vision, as can be seen from the pictures in this exhibition.  Jasper died in 2019 but Jean still paints and also produces domestic-size works in the medium of fresco. She will be present at the opening reception, along with her son William.