Leaving a Legacy to Clare Hall

A Message from our President

Founded in 1966 Clare Hall was built upon values and intentions that remain true today as they did then – to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for graduate students and Visiting fellows at Cambridge University.

I invite you to add your name to the honourable list of donors who are members of the 1966 Society, by leaving a gift to Clare Hall in your will. A written letter of intent, not legally binding, making the College a beneficiary in your will is sufficient to gain membership. The Society has been formed to celebrate and recognise the foresight of legacy pledger, whose support today enables Clare Hall to continue its commitment to foster world-class research and to build for future generations to come here.

Please do consider Clare Hall in your will.

Thank you.

Professor David Ibbetson

Legacy gifts

Clare Hall is a unique College in Cambridge. Its own foundations lie in the vision created by the founding Fellows and of Clare College back in 1966. Their wish was to create a welcoming home for graduates and Visiting Fellows, to think, meet, talk and to share. That place is Clare Hall. Most of the buildings, scholarships, and bursaries at Clare Hall are the result of a legacy gift from Fellows, Life Members, staff or friends of the College. Their generosity continues to benefit current and future members. Many Life Members have indicated that they would like to make a gift to Clare Hall, however, they feel that they are unable to do so during their lifetime. Including a gift in your will offers an opportunity to make a real difference to supporting Clare Hall, without affecting any lifetime commitments. 


Our Legacy donors

Edward Coales and his wife Sue Coales (pictured below) made a legacy pledge in memory of Edward’s father - John Coales. John was made a Founder Fellow of Clare Hall in 1964 and was the first Professorial Fellow of the College. John was head of the Control Engineering Group in the University, and in the 1970s he also became President of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and Chairman of the Council of Engineering Institutions.

"Both Sue and I feel that it is crucial to support the funding of students at Clare Hall during the current difficult times and also for the future. We, therefore, decided to add Clare Hall as a beneficiary in our Wills"  Edward Coales, Life Member and Fellow Commoner

Sir Brian Pippard was the first President of Clare Hall, from 1966 -1973. His legacy has enabled the Pippard Bursaries, which are awarded annually to graduate students.

"Brian's legacy lives on in the Pippard Bursaries which are awarded to graduate students to help them financially. It is a fitting testament to Clare Hall's first President that with this legacy, his support for graduates continues to this day."  Charlotte Pippard

"Having a Pippard bursary from Clare Hall is really helpful not only because of the financial aid itself, but also because it is an expression of encouragement and confidence in its own students. I almost gave up on crossing the Atlantic to come and study here in Cambridge due to a considerable change in the economic situation in my country, but thanks to Clare Hall's kind and supportive environment I started my research into food sovereignty and biodiversity conservation in the global South. I hope that my work will prove beneficial for the future."  Current graduate student, Department of Geography.

These and other legacy gifts made to the College have enabled us to provide much-needed bursary support for our graduate students, as well as improving facilities across the whole site.

The 1966 Society

We recognise that leaving a legacy is a very personal matter and one that you may wish to keep private. However, it is useful for the College to have an indication of future legacies to enable us to plan for the future, just like you, and also gives us the opportunity to express our thanks for your generosity. 

For this reason, the 1966 Society has been established to acknowledge all those who have chosen to remember Clare Hall in their Will.  Membership of the Society, named in honour of the year of foundation, is offered to all those who pledge a legacy to the College.

Members of the 1966 Society will receive the lapel pin and they, along with their partners are invited to attend the annual Legacy Society event in November hosted by the President at Clare Hall.

Points to note

  • All legacy gifts to Clare Hall are free from inheritance and capital gains taxes.
  • You may like to know that Clare Hall’s endowment and investments are professionally managed, and overseen by the College Council and the Bursar.

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