Light and Silence - Robin Stemp

Originally a painter, I was seduced into photography in the mid 1990’s. However, I still think in that way and so my images are quite painterly. 

If I have to sum up the one essential point of my work, I would say it is the light and the timing of that light. Light and time and the idea of something happening now. Not last week, not tomorrow, but now, today, this minute. Now you see it, now you don’t... This applies even to a painted background - something entirely artificial – where the light is still a creator of mood and atmosphere.

Now I am working on a series of Chekhov in exile in which, after 1917, Chekhov’s characters, having fled Russia, find themselves in another world, in completely different interiors. It is a work in progress, which will form part of an exhibition later in the year.  

Artist Statement and CV