Lotte Attwood


An introduction by Lotte Attwood.

This is an eclectic mix that spans exhibitions and projects from my first solo show Allotment Sheds at Cambridge Darkroom in 1987, right through to the present. With the exception of the photograms, all of these images have been discovered through the viewfinders of old 35mm cameras, caught on film and then processed and printed in my darkroom.

Even after all these years, watching the image emerge in the developing dish continues to intrigue.  It's an intense - indeed, obsessional and long drawn out process.  The good news is that creative immersion like this can sometimes lead to one of those hallelujah moments that we all live for.

I nearly titled this exhibition A Reasonable Obsession, which was a neat quote ascribed to me in a newspaper article of 1987.  I don't remember saying anything of the kind at the time and I suspect the writer simply made it up.  Nevertheless, I must thank him because he did sum up my attitude to the intricate, infuriating and wonderful world of black and white photography.

Lotte Attwood

Salisbury College of Art 1971-74

Photographic Department MRC Molecular Biology

NIAB, Cambridge, Photographic Department

Andrew Houston Studio, Cambridge

Lotte Attwood Photographic Studio, Aylestone Road 2007-12