Sometimes in Cambridge. Memoirs.

Richard Eden, Clare Hall, October 2012

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Richard Eden describes his time as a scholar at Peterhouse and in the army during the war, when he worked on radar and wireless, partly in Cambridge and later in the Airborne Forces. After the war he worked with Heisenberg in Cambridge and Gottingen and with Dirac in Cambridge. He was a Research Fellow at Peterhouse and at Pembroke, before going to Clare College as Director of Studies in mathematics. He went with his wife and children to Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, and subsequently was a frequent visitor to universities in the United States and Europe.

In 1966 he became a founding fellow of Clare Hall. He also describes the post-war development of research groups in theoretical physics in the mathematics faculty and in the physics department, and his contribution to the development of new areas of study and research in theoretical physics and in the economics of energy supply, demand, and conservation.