Art and Music

A Musical College

The Intimate Engagements chamber series brings world class musicians into the intimate space of our dining hall.  Performers often share the inspiration behind their musical choices and occasionally perform classical improvisation alongside the concert works.  

Our world music concert series brings an exciting range of instruments such as gamelan, klezmer, Chinese erhu and Japanese koto in addition to classical soloists and groups.  College members also share their musical talent with Patrick HemmerlĂ© and Dan Tidhar as regular performers.

Intimate Engagements

World Music Concert Series

Art Matters

Exhibitions of modern and contemporary art have been a normal part of Clare Hall’s cultural life for very many years. They are organised by a committee which includes fellows of the college and a group of external members who together have a formidable knowledge of the current art world and its operation. Ambitiously, in recent times, six exhibitions have been mounted every year. 

Artists themselves often propose exhibitions of their work to the committee, which meets termly to assess the future programme.  Most proposals come from local sources, but not all: some arrive from places well outside Cambridge, and occasionally some even come from overseas. 

The aim is to provide a varied programme of exhibitions which stimulate the college’s environment and which draw attention to contemporary art movements. All exhibitions are freely open to members of the public, and it is noteworthy that Clare Hall’s circle of friends includes a number of those who have been drawn to the College through its art.


Clare Hall Art Exhibitions

Friends of Clare Hall Art Society