A New Era at Clare Hall

Clare Hall is delighted to announce that Professor C. Alan Short, MA PhD (Cantab) Dipl'Arch is now the ninth President of Clare Hall.  He succeeds Professor David Ibbetson FBA, Regius Professor of Civil Law at the University, who has retired after seven years as President. 

Professor Short has been The Professor of Architecture at the University of Cambridge since 2001 and joined Clare Hall as a Fellow in 2002.  His research has focussed on developing passive and hybrid resilient, low-energy design strategies for new buildings.

He has been working on the adaptation potential of cities in the Hot Summer-Cold Winter zone of China in a changing climate. The film of the outcomes' A Low Carbon Future for China's Furnace Cities' won the 2019 Global Sustainability Film of the Year Award, https://upload.sms.cam.ac.uk/collection/3080770.

He now leads the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council Project Excising Infection in Surgical Environments (ExISE) focussed on the design of operating theatres with the BP Professor, colleagues in Infectious Diseases, Medicine and History of Art with the support of the Royal College of Surgeons. Through the COVID-19 epidemic, he has been working with the BP Professor and the  Interdisciplinary Centre for Infectious Diseases on 'Making Emergency Hospitals Safer', investigating airborne infection risks in adapting marriage halls in India, applicable to all emergency adaptations: www.cam.ac.uk/stories/emergency-hospitals and  https://youtu.be/dVuPKgSJjP8

Alan is joined by Helen Pennant as Vice President of Clare Hall, for four years. Helen has been Director of the Cambridge Trust since 2013 and joined Clare Hall as a Fellow the same year. Helen is already well known to the College community; she is currently an active member of the College Development Committee and has represented the College at several overseas members' events. She brings a wealth of experience in strategic leadership, and her understanding of the financial challenges facing students and the strength of her relationships across the collegiate University will be particularly valuable at this time.