Lost in Wonderland - The Clare Hall Summer Soiree 2019

We are pleased to say that July’s Lost in Wonderland event, hosted by the Clare Hall Summer Soirée Committee, was a huge success. The sold-out event was attended by Clare Hall Fellows, students and staff, as well as guests from outside the College. Our President, David Ibbetson; Bursar, Ian Strachan and Vice President, Alan Short were also in attendance.

Surrounded by flamingos, crazy mirrors, outsized mushrooms, playing cards, and chess, the guests were entertained by Eleanor Medcalf’s music on the harp, Chloë Meade and Ben de Souza's violin-accordion duo, and ambient birdsong. Callie's stand-up comedy performance delivered lots of laughs while Tim Cooren’s riddles stimulated our guests' intellectual curiosity.

Prizes were distributed for ‘best fancy dress outfit’ and ‘riddle-solving’, which included Clare Hall's very own plush dog and a copy of the 150th Anniversary Edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland signed by President Ibbetson.

The magical atmosphere inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was re-created using environmentally sustainable products and practices. It featured many hand-crafted decorations repurposed for the event, including a one-of-a-kind rabbit hole created solely for the occasion. This has since been donated to the College for future events.

The Committee is grateful beyond words to Fellows, students, and staff for going above and beyond the call of duty to help us with this event. Though many have been thanked individually, we would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest thanks once again to the President; Domestic Bursar, Stella Isaac; the Bursar, Ian Strachan; the porters; the gardeners; the maintenance team headed by Andy Brewer; the housekeeping team; Facilities Manager, Terri Lewis; the catering team headed by Claire Clark and assisted by Monique and Chef Luigi; Paul Williams; Catherine Wise; the GSB; Ivan Mouraviev; and Adrien Gau.

Until next time!

Mariana and Mariam

On behalf of the Clare Hall Summer Soirée Committee

Photo gallery 

Credit: Fu Xiang Quah