Fellow and Affiliated Postdoc uncover that dopamine plays key role in consciousness

Research from University of Cambridge scientists, including Professor Barbara Sahakian, a Fellow of Clare Hall, demonstrates how the brain chemical dopamine plays a key role in consciousness.

Published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science, the study illustrates that conscious brain activity seems to be linked to the brain’s 'pleasure chemical' dopamine, and that the use of current and future drugs, which act on dopamine, should help improve our understanding of anaesthesia. 

Professor Sahakian comments:
"We are very excited...

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05 August 2021

Life Member publishes memoir of journey as Western Muslim post-9/11

Mohammad Chowdhury, a Life Member who completed an MPhil in the Economics and Politics of Development at Clare Hall in 1990, has written a memoir titled Border Crossings: My Journey as a Western Muslim (Unbound, 2021).

The memoir sees Mohammad describe his experiences as a Western Muslim since the 9/11 terrorist attacks by the Islamic extremist group Al-Qaeda against the United States in 2001. Born in the UK and raised as an observant Muslim with liberal values, Mohammad writes about the cultural isolation he felt as a young man growing up in London as well as in Bangladesh...

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03 August 2021

Salje Medal applications welcome

Clare Hall students whose PhDs were approved in the calendar year 2020 are invited to apply for consideration for a Clare Hall Salje Medal.

Two medals are awarded by the College each year to the most outstanding PhD (1) in the Arts and Humanities and (2) in the Sciences. The medals are kindly provided by former Clare Hall President, Professor Ekhard Salje.

If you wish to be considered by the selection committee for this award, please email the following documents to the Tutorial Office via

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30 July 2021

Allotment Initiative enjoys first summer harvest

Back in March, members of Clare Hall's Allotment Initiative gathered to sow a variety of vegetables in West Court. Fast-forward to July and the team behind the project have harvested a sizeable crop, making a range of nutritious dishes for an inaugural summer allotment meal. 

Sarah Gough, a PhD candidate from the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute and co-founder of the project, shares:

"Last night we enjoyed the first of many allotment meals showcasing our first summer harvest. We made dishes from carrot top pesto, courgetti, potato salad, broad bean dip, to pizza...

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29 July 2021

Life Members release book on memorials of scientists in London

Istvan Hargittai and Magdolna Hargittai, Life Members of Clare Hall, have published a book titled Science in London: A Guide to Memorials (Springer Nature, 2021).

The book focuses on the memorials of scientists, explorers, medicine men and women, and inventors found in London, UK. It is the concluding volume of a set of four (with the previous publications covering Budapest, New York, and Moscow).

As the blurb attests, London is a hub of science as the seat of the Royal Society, Royal Institution, Science Museum, British Museum, Natural History Museum, and of great...

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27 July 2021

Emeritus Fellow to examine Shroud of Turin in Alumni Festival talk

Clare Hall is delighted to be hosting a remote talk, tour and live Q&A on the scientific examination of the Shroud of Turin by Emeritus Fellow, Professor Peter Wadhams, within the University of Cambridge's Alumni Festival 2021.

Professor Wadhams will talk us through the many questions surrounding the Shroud of Turin which have left scientists baffled for decades. Guests will learn about the cutting-edge research methods being pursued to delve further into this artefact, and then enjoy a digital tour of the royal chapel in the stunning Cathedral of Turin where the...

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26 July 2021

The Right Reverend Carolyn Tanner Irish

It is with great sadness that the College announces the death of the Right Reverend Carolyn Tanner Irish, Tenth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah and Honorary Fellow of Clare Hall. Bishop Irish was the daughter of American scholar, industrialist and philanthropist, Obert Clark ‘O.C.’ Tanner, who founded the Tanner Lectures on Human Values in 1978.

Bishop Irish began her higher education at Stanford University, before transferring to the University of Michigan. She graduated with high honours in...

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07 July 2021

Student's allotment video shared within University's Festival of Wellbeing

A video by Sarah Gough, PhD student here at Clare Hall, has been featured within the University's Festival of Wellbeing 2021.

The video provides a wonderful overview of progress made by Clare Hall's Allotment Initiative to date, and features recent drone footage captured by Stefan Heimersheim, PhD student and former GSB President here at the College:

The University's Festival of Wellbeing offers an array of events, talks and...

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02 July 2021

Fellow to host webinar series for British Neuroscience Association

Dr Madeline Lancaster, a Fellow of Clare Hall, is hosting a series of three webinars for the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) in July this year. 

The set of three talks will discuss reproducibility and how to carry out credible neuroscience research using in vitro models. It will feature speakers who are experts in neural cell cultures and stem cell differentiation, and cover both academic research and industry. The BNA hopes it will provide a tool for newcomers and established scientists alike, to shine a light on important aspects of reproducibility in these model...

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30 June 2021

Research Fellow collaborates on toolkit for youth violence and crime prevention

Dr Hannah Gaffney, a Clare Hall Research Fellow, has collaborated with the Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) on their toolkit for youth violence and crime prevention, which launches today with an online event featuring the Home Secretary.

The toolkit has been produced to highlight effective and ineffective methods in reducing youth violence, and will help police forces, local authorities, youth charities, school leaders and others to use evidence to decide what kind of support to provide to children at risk of involvement in violence.

Dr Gaffney’s contribution involved reviewing...

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28 June 2021