GSB launches new seminar series

The GSB is delighted to launch its Easter Seminar series 2021.

Every week on Thursdays (6pm BST), members of Clare Hall will gather virtually to discover and discuss the research work undertaken in the College. These informal events regroup students, Fellows and Life Members alike, and are an excellent opportunity to connect.

The GSB share:
"In the coming weeks we are looking forward to talks on topics as diverse as the Clare Hall community. We will learn about David Lester Richardson; Plato and Zhimo Xu; discuss sounds in ancient civilisations; school...

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26 May 2021

PhD student’s research on robots and wellbeing highlighted by the University

Clare Hall PhD student Minja Axelsson’s research focus is human-robot interaction and affective computing. She examines how human-robot interaction could be applied to improve our mental wellbeing. This week, her research within the team of Dr Hatice Gunes has been highlighted by the University, via its research webpages.

Dr Gunes is a Reader in Affective Intelligence and Robotics at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Computer Science and Technology. She is working on two projects to identify specific challenges so they can be addressed from the early stages of a robot’s...

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24 May 2021

Choir resume in-person rehearsals

Members of Clare Hall Choir and their director Ben de Souza are delighted to be able to meet in-person again, after over a year of virtual choir.

Ben shares: "we'll meet come rain or shine, with the birds and passers-by singing along."

The Choir is hoping to be able to resume normal rehearsals in College from September. Learn more and get involved via this webpage; and read our recent...

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19 May 2021

Clare Hall welcomes College Nurse

The College is delighted to welcome Anne Considine as our Nurse, who will be available to see students each Wednesday from 9am-5:30pm going forward.

Anne is based at Robinson College and will help students with a variety of health and welfare needs. This includes assistance with minor illnesses and injuries as well as offering advice and support with emotional issues. If specialist help is required, she will direct students to the appropriate service such as a GP, University Counselling Service or other suitable providers.

To book a confidential consultation with Anne,...

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18 May 2021

Visiting Fellow to speak about new handbook on the Bible in China

Dr George Kam Wah Mak, a Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall, will speak at the webinar ‘Oxford Handbook of The Bible in China: Text and Context’ next month. The webinar is one of the online book launches for The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in China (Oxford University Press, 2021). 

The handbook features 47 essays authored by 49 international scholars. It showcases the four-fold paradigm: the Bible’s translation, expression, interpretation, and reception in China over the last 1,400 years.

Dr Mak is one of the contributors to the handbook. His essay Chinese Protestant...

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17 May 2021

PhD student to speak at Cambridge Intelligence Seminar

Rebecca Turkington, a Gates Cambridge Scholar and PhD student in History at Clare Hall, is speaking at a Cambridge Intelligence Seminar on the topic New Research and Policy Directions on Women, Gender, and Terrorism today.

Women have perpetrated and supported political violence throughout history, yet the security and criminal justice sectors continue to overlook and underestimate the consequences of their participation. At the same time, counterterrorism and CVE policies have distinctly gendered effects on target populations that can...

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14 May 2021

Vaccine passport research conducted by Fellow of Clare Hall

Professor Barbara Sahakian, Fellow of Clare Hall, has co-authored a piece for The Conversation on the benefits of vaccine passports to society.

The article argues that carrying a vaccine passport is a small sacrifice for a greater good; that individuals have a moral duty to protect their community; and that those who cannot have vaccinations for health reasons should be given some form of passport that indicates this is the case.

Professor Sahakian comments:
"Through kindness and moral duty, we can help members of our...

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14 May 2021

Combatting fake news: graduate contributes to prebunking Covid-19 misinformation study

Dr William Patrick McClanahan, a recent graduate of Clare Hall, has contributed to a research article examining methods for prebunking Covid-19 misinformation. Published by Big Data & Society, the article reveals results from two large-sample studies, presenting strong cross-cultural evidence for the effectiveness of two short and easily scalable prebunking interventions to reduce susceptibility to misinformation about Covid-19.

The article notes that Go Viral! – a five-minute free-to-play browser game – positively impacts people’s ability to identify...

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13 May 2021

Free speech re-examined by former Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall

E. Thomas Sullivan, a Life Member of Clare Hall, will have his book, Free Speech: From Core Values to Current Debates, published by Cambridge University Press in 2021 (with co-author Leonard Niehoff). Professor Sullivan was last at Clare Hall as a Visiting Fellow during the academic year 2019-20. During that time, he wrote substantial portions of the book while also serving as a visiting member of the Faculty of Law here at the University.

Professor Sullivan was motivated to write this book during his last year as President of the University of Vermont, after he decided that...

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12 May 2021

Clare Hall to launch pilot mentoring scheme

Clare Hall is launching a pilot Mentoring Scheme this term, and the College is inviting all students to take part. 

The Scheme aims to foster significant and sustained interactions between Clare Hall students and Fellows with shared interests in particular subject areas, in order to build lasting relationships and networks. 

In the pilot phase of the Scheme, the College is proposing nine subject-specific Mentoring Groups, each led by one or more Fellows (including Research Fellows) of Clare Hall.  

These groups are expected to:

Hold regular informal meetingsEngage in... Read more

11 May 2021